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Eurogamer 2016 Game News Pontypridd High School Student 2016

EGX 2016 Student Report – Mantis Burn Racing – By Daniel Creedon

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When I attended EGX on the 23rd of September 2016, I was given the chance to write a review on the indie game Mantis Burn Racing. The fast paced race game allows players to play four player split screen, running at 60 frames per second, one of only three games at EGX to be running at this rate. I spoke with the creator of the game who told me “The four player split screen is our main selling point, this is what makes our game special.” The game is one of the first in this genre to ever be created, and the creators of the game are hoping it is going to be the catalyst for more games like this to be produced. When I asked the producer of the game what the biggest challenge in making this game was, he said “Definitely getting the 60 frames per second on a four player split screen, it’s a challenge to get it on single player, so having it across four players is amazing.”


I then had the chance to play the game, with the full game not available to us, people were given the chance to play a 5 minute time trial, with the aim of completing a lap in less the 1:28:00, if they could achieve this then a prize would be awarded. Despite my best efforts I could only manage 1:30:00, but there was a lot I learnt from this game. The drifting mechanism of the cars was really impressive, and was the main reason people would exceed the 1:28:00 limit. The ability to apply a boost was also fun to use on the straight sections of the track, despite being quite difficult to handle. The visuals of the game is amazing, the dirt tracks are so realistic, and the depth the creators have gone into on them is next level. Even to the levels of the dust paths you leave after driving over the dirt, just gives the game such a clean and realistic edge. I would definitely purchase this game, to try out the full version, I was really impressed with the game and would definitely play it a lot more.


Another game I enjoyed at EGX was Nature Zombie Apocalypse. The aim of the game being to survive in a zombie takeover, controlling nothing but zoo animals with weapons. The maps ranged from London Tower Bridge, to other iconic landmarks that made the game more interesting for people that have been to these places. The use of power-ups in this game were really enjoyable, and with each character having a different power-up to use, it brought a great level of diversity to the game.

The game could be played by up to 8 players that could all interact with each other. When killed by the zombies, the player would be stopped from playing for a certain length of time, and add an extra 30 seconds on each time this happened. If every player was dead at the same one point, then the game was over, but if one person was still alive, then the game continued. I like that players can come back in, as it gives weaker players the opportunity to keep playing and improving at the game.


In the full version of the game, your character would earn coins depending on how well they did in the previous games, they can then use these coins to buy better weapons to defend themselves from the apocalypse. In the demo version that we played, coins were set at an unlimited amount, to ensure that players at EGX could try every aspect of the game, and get a great idea of how to play the game at the highest level. I would definitely purchase this game, it was by far my favourite of the day, and would be great to play with friends because of the high amount of players you can have. This game is available for £9.99 on steam, and is definitely worth purchasing, there are so many different options to explore with this game, from just playing on your own, to playing with seven of your mates.

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