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Eurogamer 2016 Game News Pontypridd High School Student 2016

EGX 2016 Student Report – Worms W.M.D – By Morgan Jones

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Worms W.M.D is an ‘artillery strategy game’ where players control a small group of worms across a destructive landscape, battling with an arsenal of crazy weapons against other worms that are computer or player controlled. Released on August 23, 2016 and received generally positive reviews, it is a similar instalment to Worms Armageddon but adds brand new features which will be discussed later on.

So on the 23rd of September at EGX 2016 in Birmingham I got hands on with the newest instalment of Team 17’s Worms: W.M.D and also got to talk to some developers and designers while I was there.

Worms WMD - Screenshot 2 - Gamescom 2015

After discussing the changes and what was new in the game with one of the designers I was quite pleased with the new features during my time playing the game.


‘Revolution’ and ‘Clan Wars’ introduced puzzles, traps and contraptions as well as classes, but Worms: W.M.D. gets rid of all of that and scrapped the silly story-based campaign, however, gameplay elements such as the weaponised water physics and dynamic objects that were introduced were kept and still play a tactical role.


The latest Worms game is quite a pleasant artillery game and adds a modern twist to what we got in the previous ‘Armageddon’ instalment. Team 17 bumped up the game by adding a crafting system and this is an appreciated and welcomed feature, it is simple and neat to use with crafting material being found with the usual supply drops that are scattered and dropped around the map. Once you’ve acquired your materials you can then go into the crafting menu at any time, even during the other team’s turn, and if you’ve got the right materials or you are willing to dismantle another tool or weapon to get more parts you can then craft them into a new deadly weapon. This results in a batch of fun options in which you can destroy enemy worms using countless weird and wonderful traps and crazy new weapons in between. Battles can turn quickly and there will be a load of races as you attempt to collect all of the crafting crates and create your own arsenal before the enemy worms do. Team 17 also threw in vehicles and mounted weapons, this includes Tanks, Helicopters and Mechs as well as sniper nests and mortars. They’re powerful additions to the Worms arsenal, but are an impartial fair advantage. But every worm gets their chance, so if you’ve managed to take control of a badass mech, it can still be hijacked by the enemy team.

Worms WMD - Screenshot 1 - Gamescom 2015

All of these new game features are showcased in the new hand-crafted maps in the single-player campaign as well as the challenge mode, which includes tasks of completing bounties on a variety of criminal worms. The new artistic tactically interesting maps are the best looking warzones the series has to offer as of yet, being diverse and aesthetically appealing to battle in. The maps are elevated with the addition of buildings that could be hiding crates or enemies and unless you’ve got a worm in there, you can’t see inside, this allows you to set up sneakier attacks, or hide in fear from the enemy worms. The new maps only represent half of the game, as in multiplayer, you can set up your own custom battlefield or you can go one step further and design one from the ground up. Multiplayer or local co-op is where Worms is most popular and this has always been the case and even though the previous two games made an effort to craft a fun single-player campaign, something W.M.D. is lacking but there are still plenty of levels and challenges available for the solo player that are certainly worth your time due to the effort that has been put into the new maps and the fact that they will help you get to grips with the new features. So when prodding a pal’s worm onto a mine or off the edge of a cliff and hearing them roar in dismay as your airstrike exterminates their entire force, there are endless ways you can test the limits of friendship. It’s as silly and glorious as ever because it’s grown with its audience, adding new customisation options and countless new tricks while still maintaining a singular focus on creating explosively fun battles. Worms: W.M.D is more than capable of standing as another high point for the series. The fun conflicts in Worms are a fun way to test your combat quick thinking combat skills with totally crazy and absurd weapons.

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