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Do we live in a fictional world, even when it comes to costs.

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Console and PC gamers have been shouting at each other for years and years one side saying PC gamers are elite and the other side saying console gamers are peasants. To a degree PC gamers are elite, we have a massive back catalogue of games going back years, high-end gaming rigs reaching in the thousands, but things are not as it seems in the console world.

A PS4 pro will cost around £350.00, to take full advantage of the new system you will need a new TV with HDR and 4K costing over £400.00, and if you want to follow the Fad the new PSVR is another £350.00 so you are looking over 1K for everything, or around £800.00 if you do not want to follow the fad. So let’s look at PC Gaming, for a VR Ready system you can grab one for around $500.00 (Cyberpower) and a monitor for under $200 (Acer), we do not need 4K as we are not gullible and understand that true 4K is a bit further down the road for the perfect experience, but if you are you can grab a monitor for less than $400 (BenQ) for 4K gaming, but 4K gaming requires a much high price to be spent on a better GPU.

So the question is can we still call console gamers peasants, maybe not, they do pay for back catalogue games, remasters (majority) and stupid prices for their games, compared to PC gamers that get remasters for FREE, have access to a huge back catalogue of games at much lower prices, and even our PC releases, thanks to CD Key sites are a lot cheaper than console game release.

Console gamers are not peasants; they are most likely more skint than PC gamers now, being ripped off, they might live in a fantasy world thinking VR is the future, but maybe they are right, I doubt it though, but 4K gaming, they are differently living in a fantasy world with this one.

Should gamers come to PC now? Well you can get systems that fit under the TV now, running a modified version of Steam, wireless controllers and the best VR experience with the HTV Vive and Oculus Rift, but you are paying more for each of them and we do think it’s a damn expensive fad, and will not be the future of gaming, maybe the future of porn.

So what’s stopping you? Stuck in the past? The limited amount of exclusives that come out from Sony? I have been a PC gamer for years now and have not purchased any Sony or Xbox system; I have not really missed anything and do not much care, Sony PlayStation now is now available on PC, PS4 games will come to it at some point in the future, Xbox is now on both systems, there is nothing that I cannot get at some point now.

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