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ADATA SP550 480GB SSD Review

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SSD’s have come along in leaps and bounds in case of price and performance, from your basic SATA, M2 and even PCIE SSD drastically keeping your speed high and your wait times low. Most SSD’s are fantastic for OS installation reducing the load times to get into your computer drastically from older mechanically hard drives, some cases reducing it to as little as a few seconds.

The ADATA SP550 aims to improve on the SSD’s from before it, with better performance, but an even better price, hitting the sweet spot between price to performance. A fantastic upgrade running you around £100 for the 480gb model, something that a few years ago would be running you £250+ and with much slower speeds shows how far SSD’s have come.

I must give credit to ADATA just for their design, I like their colour scheme with the bird on the drive,


Something about the simplicity of the drive I enjoy, and damn I love that bird.

For this test, I will be comparing the ADATA SP550 480gb in my laptop, to my Desktop currently running a SanDisk SDSSDHP 120gb

Some testing to check the speeds, first moving a 3gb movie file from the SSD over to a mechanical hard drive saw some great speeds, easily maxing out the mechanical drive, easily copying the file over in around 40 seconds.


Next transferring from the SSD to my other SSD in the system a cheap SanDisk.  Straight away seeing an improvement on the transfer speed, lowering the transfer down to a small 10 seconds. With no drops in transfer either.


Some more testing too see the max possible speeds using AS SSD Benchmark

ada3Some crazy speeds, showing off the benefits of Sequential write speeds of the drive, and some amazing Read and write speeds for the 4k test too. However, the 4k-64 test was a little lower than expected considering the score for 4k test, which is a little odd for this kind of SSD. Overall gaining a score of 765.


Again, some comparisons to my first SSD the SanDisk.


A clear winner for the new ADATA drive.

Trying the SSD in some notorious games saw some massive improvements. This test was going from menu to in game.

Game Mechanical Time SSD
RUST 105 seconds 20 seconds
Civilisation 6 45 seconds 10 seconds
World of Warcraft 40 seconds 12 seconds
League of Legends 35 seconds 13 seconds
CS: GO 27 seconds 11 seconds

This drive is now my main game drive, with these scores, even playing Civ 6, something that was a MASSIVE pain to run on before becomes a complete breeze for this drive. If you have not gotten an SSD for your most played games yet, you seriously need to rethink your budgeting.

This drive is a fantastic bang for buck, and on games that I’ve hated the loading times before has turned it into a dream. With a decent capacity compared to my old SSD I no longer must pick and choose what game goes on my drive with fear of it slowly filling up.

This drive is amazing, and hopefully ADATA can put some of the same technology into creating an M2 SATA drive, with some crazy speeds, every gamer will be living the dream of near instant load times.

This SSD gets 10/10, any new build needs this drive in their build, and if you can push it two, because you will not manage to fill this up quickly even with your OS also installed, fantastic job ADATA.


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