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Eurogamer 2016 Game News Pontypridd High School Student 2016

EGX 2016 Student Report Mannequin By Bethan Hurndall

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Are you a gamer who delights in being suspended in a constant feeling of suspense and thrill?  Good then you will absolutely love this new indie narrative horror game. The mannequin is a first-person narrative horror game which perfectly blends the terror and mystery behind the story of a possessed mannequin that pursues you through the old ruin of a London home. The key features of this new exciting game include the setting of an old abandoned London house which has a tainted history of murder and bloodshed woven into the very fabric of its architecture. To begin the game you must search through the abandoned wreck in search of the mannequin hiding in a solitary room, once found the mannequin must be carefully reconstructed to start the thrilling experience of the game. Once constructed the mannequin will lead you on your adventure through the mysterious house that warps between the present day and 1958 in order to give you clues on how to uncover the truth about the past horrors that took place in the house. You will have to do this by piecing together evidence and developing long lost photographs to uncover the tragic truth behind the Mannequin. Once you have completed these tasks you will have solved a notorious 60 year old murder case and earn your freedom from the sinister mannequin.


By speaking to a developer, programmer and graphic designer involved in creating this frightfully fun game I discovered that some of the main inspirations involved in making this game included the thought of using Amnesia as a key element of the game. This is shown in the hunt for the truth about the past of the house and the murders that happened within and is an intriguing concept that keeps you hooked as you search for the next clue to piece this bloody mystery together. Another inspiration for this game was the use of physiological horror and the video game P.T. The use of physiological horror is prominent in the game and is considered scarier than the jump scares used in other horror games as it is personal to the player and the fear is in their own mind, creating a constant feeling of suspense. Although don’t worry, there are still plenty of jump scares to keep you on the edge of your seat.


I consider this game to be unique in its approach of thrilling its audience as it contains a narrative reading which is uncommon in typical horror games on the market and I believe it creates more of an integrated experience into the game as you see the characters reactions as well as your own personal reactions.  Another unique point of the game is the use of the different rooms within the house alternating between the 1950s and modern day, but not only the use of the different time periods the rooms also seem to change every time you enter them, so you could walk into the same room twice and there would be a completely different interior.  This gives the player the sense of being in an almost dream state while playing the game and keeps up the suspense as you never know what to expect.


From talking to a team member responsible for creating the game I also discovered that there were some difficulties in creating this thrilling adventure. I was told that the main priority was to make sure that the scares experienced in the game were not cheap and that they genuinely surprised and scared the player. Personally I believe this is not an issue in the game as there were no cheap excuses for scares in this game and every turn in that dilapidated old house makes the audience jump out of their seat.  Another concern that was discussed was achieving the perfect balance of narrative and horror throughout the game and again I believe this was beautifully done as the player is fully informed at all times as well as being in a constant state of suspense.


In my own opinion I believe that this game is going to be the next big hit due to its excellent graphics and intriguing storyline. From playing the game myself I can say that it is genuinely chilling but in the same way that your favorite scary movie is, it scares you but you know that it is too good not to watch and enjoy every moment of it. Graphically the game is impressive, with sharp high definition textures, clear animations and smart use of lighting to always keep you wondering what’s hiding in the shadows.  The main thing that kept me hooked throughout my time with the game, was definitely the alternating, randomly generated  rooms, which means no play through is the same, and the spot on eerie music gives an element of mysterious intrigue and thrilling suspense. I loved every second of my time with the demo and have not been this scared by a game in a long time. Buy it if you want a truly rounded horror experience.

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