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Crucial 2TB SSD Upgrade Review

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Hey folks, thanks for taking the time out to read my upgrade review, Today I am Upgrading from an ST2000LM003 which is a 2.5”, 9.5mm laptop HDD from Samsung Seagate Spinpoint, with a rotation speed of 5400rpm and a 32GB built-in cache.

Now I am upgrading to the Crucial 2050GB MX300 2.5in SSD, yes, your read that right, it’s not a misprint, a huge 2TB SSD that fits into a Laptop, below are some of the SSD specifications;

Crucial MX300 2050GB SSD specifications

  • Form Factor: 2.5-inch internal SSD,
  • Total Capacity: 2,050GB,
  • Warranty: Limited 3-year,
  • Interface: SATA 6.0Gb/s,
  • Performance.
    • 530MB/s Read,
    • 510MB/s Write,
    • 92K Random Reads,
    • 83K Random Writes,
  • Unit Height: 7.0mm.

Now if you are on a budget there is no way you could afford such an upgrade as these new SSD’s are easily over £400 and the Seagate Spinpoint drives are easily below £100, so it’s a no-brainer to what you can afford and what you cannot, you can of course save, yep, save, something a lot of us now find hard to do, with living costs on the rise.


So you have the cash/budget to get yourself an upgrade and you like the look of this SSD, its performance, capacity and its general size, now you have an issue, your old HDD is almost full with games and software, some of the files are windows encrypted and will not allow you to copy, so how do you go about doing the clone.

I had this problem, I have the new Windows 10 Xbox store games on this drive, the likes of Gears of war 4, Recore and Forza Horizon 3 all of them have encrypted files that will not move, honestly most files will transfer with no issues, but the majority will not. Lucky for us we are given a free software that comes with Crucial SSD Drives, a product called Acronis True Image HD software with an activation code. Using the software allows you to clone your drive with no issues, but clone to what you might ask, for me it was to an external 2TB backup drive; this is something you need to think about before you do anything like this.


If you do not have an external drive, you can purchase something like a 2.5” USB Hard Drive External Enclosure Case, something like this from Amazon (https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Internal-Hard-Drives/Orico-Drive-External-Enclosure-Cable-9-5mm-Tool-free/B00B0RD2RA/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1478523860&sr=8-6&keywords=USB+internal+ssd)

And it’s currently only £8.99 down from £19.99 *price taken from 07.11.2016

So you have everything, ready to go, well in your head anyways, your other question would be, how much of an increase would I see, from my old drive to compared to this new drive.

So first let’s take a look at my old drive and its features, the ST2000LM003

  • Capacity: 2TB
    • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s (3Gb/s, 1.5Gb/s)
    • Rotational Speed: 5400-RPM class
    • Cache: 32MB
    • Max. 667GB formatted capacity per disk
    • SATA Native Command Queuing feature
    • TuMR/PMR head with FOD technology
    • SATA 6Gb/s interface support
    • Load/unload head technology
    • ATA Security Mode feature set
    • ATA S.M.A.R.T. feature set
    • SilentSeek™
    • NoiseGuard™

Now it’s time to test them against each other, of course, the SSD will be faster, but, how much faster, let’s have a look


The SSD is on the right and the old drive is on the left, you can from the get-go see a HUGE increase in read and write speeds, just look at them!

SEQ 101.4 Read and 97.65 write Samsung Drive, 413.4 Read and 494.3 write with the Crucial SSD, just look at all the other speeds, 512,4K and 4K (QD=32) everyone single one shows a huge increase in speed.

Now let’s look at another SSD, we recently reviewed the ADATA 480GB lets puts the Crucial 2TB SSD up against a smaller 480GB SSD


On the left is the 480GB SSD from ADATA and on the right is the Crucial 2TB SSD, there is an increase in speed of 23.1%, so the Crucial drive is slower, but is that because of its size?

Well let’s have a look at the MX300 1TB vs MX300 2TB


So does size have anything to do with speeds? Does not look like it, based on these results, the 1TB drive on the left is slower than the 2TB on the right. So maybe it’s just about how each of them are made and of course how much you would be paying for them?

So a Crucial 1TB MX300 on Amazon is going for £234.62 (20.11.2016) and the ADATA 480GB on amazon is going for £119.18 (20.11.2016), multiply the 1TB drive price by two, gives us a 2TB maybe a little under, something like 1810GB storage with a price point of £469.24, if you where to purchase the ADATA drive you would need 4 of them and the total cost for that would be £476.72. Currently, the price of a 2TB drive sits as £476.34 (30.11.2016) on Amazon. A little bit more for a bigger drive, just the once drive and possible faster in the long run and differently more storage than the ADATA would offer.

So with a little bit more spent you can save yourself drive space, larger capacity and overall and much faster drive, so would you see this as a benefit, well that would be down to you the consumer, not me.


So that’s SSD war on speed looked at, and it’s clear that the Crucial drives are slower than some of its competitors, but back on point, upgrading the standard 5400RPM drive or a 7200RPM Drive how much of an increase would you see? How about a 307.7%, WOW! Now if that is not seen as an impressive increase, then I do not know what else would be, apart from an ever higher increase in speeds, right?

So why did I upgrade, well for one I got the SSD to review, and two, come on who wouldn’t, I am a gamer and I need storage and I am always trying to find new ways to increase the read speed of my drives as well as the amount I space I can have to hold all my glorious games. With games getting bigger, bolder and better, the increase in size and read speeds is differently required for a faster loads times, streaming and capacity.

Was it worth it, damn right it was, shit

  • Dishonored 2
  • Gears of War 4
  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Deus Ex – Mankind Divided
  • DOOM –
  • Watch_Dogs 2
  • The Division – Survival Expansion

Blistering Speeds, on average around 200% increase, for an example Dishonored loading screen would take around 25secs to load with the old drive, with the SSD it only took 7secs, DOOM easily took 35 secs to load now it only takes10 secs, every game I tested, not just for the list I provided, did see a HUGE decrease in load times and when it came to streaming content, like Gears of War 4 does, there was Zero lag.


Another question I recently asked myself while reading over this review was, how many games would I be able to install based on the average size of the games of late, so let’s say 35GB is the average size for an AAA game, of course, I have seen games 50GB +. So a 2TB, in the end, gives you 1.810GB after installed, so how many games on average based on 35GB you would get a total of 51 AAA games installed in the drive.

The next question I asked myself was, why upgrade to an SSD when these are on average 4 times more expensive than a standard 5400 or 7200RPM HDD, well, I guess it comes to, can I afford to spend so much, what am I going to use this drive for, do I need speed as well as storage. For gamers it does all depend on the game, if a game streams data across from the HDD while you are playing then an SSD would be much better than a standard drive if you are doing photography or game designing, again faster speeds would be a huge advantage for you.


I came to a conclusion after reading over and questioning myself why, and decided that if I could afford an SSD for gaming, Photoshop, and Adobe Effects, which are programs I use a lot, I guess I would 100% grab one of these. If I was on a low wage and need a new HDD ASAP, I would go for the cheaper alternative, or save like a bitch. It’s a hard choice to make, speed and storage or storage and low speed, and these are the only choices, apart from one other, SSD’s have no moving parts so are a lot safer and will last much longer, a standard drive has moving parts, so can break more easily.

I am giving this Drive a 9/10, why? you can get faster drives out there, so it’s not the fastest available, its is huge, don’t get me wrong there. it’s easy to install and setup, it also comes with its own free hard drive cloning program, do you know just with all these positives going to change it to a 10/10 stuff it, makes sense to me.


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