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All aboard: don’t miss Train Valley on iPad!

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The most addictive train management game is now available on your iPad

Hurry up, this train is about to leave! Where do you say you’re going? Oh, sure, we will stop there. This trip started in the Wild West during the Gold Rush, in 1820. We have just stopped in the Cold War, and now we are heading to the future! Wait a minute, you don’t know what I am talking about? This is Train Valley, the train management game for iPad (and Steam) which follows the history of railroads with challenging, fun and addictive gameplay — and the cutest trains that ever went over a railroad! After a succesful year in Steam, Flazm releases its train management game for iPad and iPhone at a launch price of only €3,99 / $3,99.

Ask us for a key of Train Valley to review its iOS version! Steam keys also available


Build the best railroad network you can imagine and manage properly its traffic… or face accidents and bankruptcy! In Train Valley you have to manage your budget to build the most efficient railroad network and tell every train when to start or stop their journeys in order to earn the maximum amount of money… while having the minimum amount of delays, crashing and destruction! A perfect blend between a management and a puzzle game, Train Valley offers both an addictive and fast experience in its campaign, with quick and challenging games, and a more relaxed pace with its sandbox mode.

Discover the wonderful history of the railroad, from its invention back in 1820 to the future year 2020, going through iconic times such as the Gold Rush in the Wild West, II World War, the first manned trips to space or the Cold War. Travel the world with 15 types of different trains and 18 different cars and other vehicles either in its History Mode or in the total freedom of its Sandbox Mode, as well as in a Random Mode that guarantees you will never run out of maps to go through with your trains!


– Build railways to connect cities, tunnels and bridges. New railways are cheap when laid across bare fields… but they can become rather expensive when demolishing forests, villages and other existing structures.

– Manage increasing traffic, construct crossroads, switches, circles and Figure 8 intersections so that multiple trains can run without delays at the same time.

– Stay accident-free by precise control of trains during crucial moments, using pause for planning: you can build railways and schedule trains while on pause.

– Play through 5 Seasons: Europe (1830-1980), America (1840-1960), USSR (1880-1980) and Japan (1900-2020)… and the German Season with the first DLC!

– Complete the Story Mode featuring real-life events such as the Golden Rush of 1849, the construction of the Florida Overseas Railroad, World War II, the Cold War, the launch of the first manned space flight Vostok 1 – and much more.

– Explore the game in different game modes: Story Mode (5-10 minutes each level), Random Mode (15-20 minutes: the level looks and develops differently every time you launch!) or in Sandbox (it can be turned on for both Story and Random modes: it allows you to play with no time or money limits).

– Discover 15 types of trains, from the early steam-powered locomotives to the modern high-speed trains. Drive 18 types of cars, from old-time passenger cars to hoppers and cisterns and to military-use tank and gun platforms.


Train Valley was developed by Flazm (Alexey Davidov) and Oroboro Games (Sergey Dvoynikov and Timofey Shargorodskiy). This three indie developers share a passion for trains, the main transport in the Urals region (Russia and Lithuania) where they were born. Train Valley is the spiritual heir of Railway Valley and Railway Valley 2, two online games developed by Flazm with more than 15 millions of games played since 2008. In 2012, Flazm and Oroboro started working on Train Valley; they won the Best Family Game in Casual Connect 2014, as well as a nomination as Best Indie Game in that year’s DevGamm. Train Valley received more than 10,000 votes in Greenlight, and the Best Game Design and Best Kids And Family Game awards in Indie Prize 2015.

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