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AKRacing Team Dignitas Edition Max Gaming Chair Review

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Never heard of AKRacing, what about DXRacer? Both of these companies make high-end gaming chairs for pro gamers as well as gamers in general.

Just in case you have never heard of AKRacing, let me tell you about them, this info is taken from their website.

“AK Racing is one of the world’s premier gaming chair manufacturers, producing the highest quality products that are available today.With a focus on ergonomics, design and functionality, AK Racing gaming chairs have quickly become the smart choice across the eSport scene.Our close ties with ++top eSports teams such as Team Dignitas have given us the leading edge in meeting the durability and comfort requirements of gaming professionals everywhere”.

There is also a quote from Michael O’Dell from team Dignitas

“We are looking forward to our partnership with AKRacing; together with them we will be able to offer our Team Dignitas Gaming Chairs with designs that look great. We cannot wait to offer them to our fans globally at last.”

Now back on point, Octane and straight to features and dimensions


  • Height adjustment – Pull the lever underneath the seat up to adjust the height.
  • Backrest adjustment – Perfect for when you want to lay back and take a break from whatever you are doing!
  • Rocking function – The chair can be tilted up to 12-degrees, it also lockable in the upright position to prevent the chair from rocking.
  • High-quality materials – Made from very durable high-quality materials!
  • Class-4 gas lift – Durable for up to 150kg!
  • Durable wheels – These wheels won’t break easily, and don’t leave nasty scratches on your floor.
  • Metal frame – Thanks to the metal frame, the chair is extremely safe and strong.


  • Colour – Black / Yellow / Yellow Team Dignitas Logo
  • Upholstery Material PU Leather
  • Max. Weight Supported 150 kg
  • Max. Sitting Height 510 mm
  • Min. Sitting Height 430 mm
  • Backrest Height 920 mm
  • Backrest Width 500 mm
  • Seat Depth 560 mm
  • Seat Width 440 mm
  • Armrest Height 340-270 mm
  • Chair Weight 25 kg
  • Gross Weight 25 kg
  • Box Dimensions 880 x 680 x 380 mm

There are loads and loads of chairs on the market even cheaper ones from the likes of Element Gaming, and if you on a budget, these are great as well, and I highly recommend them, just check out my review for one of their chairs http://invisioncommunity.co.uk/2015/06/20/element-gaming-racing-style-gaming-chair-review/.

Now if you have the funds spare and want a very, very, very high-quality gaming chair, then one of these bad boys/girls could be well suited for you and also comes in many different variations of colours, all of them coming in at £229.99 via www.overclockers.co.uk.

As with the first review the AKRacing Player Gaming Chair the first thing anyone will notice is the huge box, which weighs an absolute tonne, 88x68x38cm with a gross weight of 25kg and a net weight of 22kg, Yet again I had to drag the box upstairs, no small feet.

As with the first chair, when opened the first thing you notice, is all the packaging, loads and loads, everything is well packaged and padded to make sure, your new chair arrives to you without any damage, we all know how many delivery men/women can be. Slowly removing each item, starting with the star base, moving to the cushions, both back and seat, seat already has the arms attached. Getting to the bottom of the box, you get the neck and lumbar cushions and a box that contains an instruction manual, gas cylinder, Allen keys (HEX) 3 plastic sides and wheels.

The chair is no push over, when it comes to building, takes some time, if you follow the instructions well, you will have no issues, getting it up and ready to game with.

Basic assembly is the same as the AKRacing Player Chair

  • Attach the wheels and the gas cylinder to the wheelbase,
  • Attach the back Rest to the Seat, along with the plastic trims that cover the bolts,
  • Attach the chair lifting mechanism to the bottom of the seat,
  • Attach the wheelbase to the seat and Tadaa, It’s all done.

So that’s all the selling and building done of my new chair, and as always I am very happy, except my mates, who had the tenacity to ask why? “why do I want this chair, since I already own the AKRacing Octane”, answer I gave them was rather basic but very truthful, even though the Octane is the same design, this chair has some added features that are not present on the Octane, like the Team Dignitas Logo on the front and  back, and finally the AKRacing logo is also now on the back, something I have said is required for all their chairs from the very beginning.

With many of these chairs, I have tested them for Adult Educational fun, come on, these chairs do go back fully to a flat position, 180 degrees, so why not, if your partner is feeling a little frisky, why not have a little personal time to your day. Again this chair holds our weight perfectly and performs as expected, well, like a chair with to much bloody weight.

NOW! Welcome a new sport 4 Vs 4 Bumper Chairs, please respect safety.. use helmets and knee pads.

Use these chairs for a new game I recently invented while showing off Invision and AKRacing to a local school, we grabbed 4 AKRacing Chairs, the only four we own, four standard office chairs, pulled them into the school hall, that has a slippery surface, so the chairs can roll over it without much force required. The aim of the game, bump the user off their chair or topple the chair with the user on it.

Four Friends Vs Four School teachers, who would win, it was a brainless match, full of testosterone and mighty words, with some boosts of sugar along the way, score.. we lost count, but damn it was fun, come away with some bruises and a headache, but would totally do it again.


Going back on form, I am 5ft 4″ and I can tell you this chair suits me perfectly, the neck and lumbar are perfectly positioned to relax your back and neck during intense typing sessions or what these chairs are primarily are made for, Gaming Sessions.

Faux Leather is what these chairs are made of if you are wondering what Faux leather is, it’s an artificial or synthetic leather substitute. The frame is full metal, so you know where all the weight comes from, the only plastic used on this chair is for the armrests, trims and wheels.

Logo, well there are two logos on this one, AKRacing logo can be found on the Lumbar, Neck, Seat and back of the seat finally, the Team Dignitas Logo is printed on the seat and on the back of the seat, all great ways to promote not only the brand but the team as well.

There is also the Hex Thingy Majiggy(See pic below), this holds the lumbar and neck cushion so the back of the chair, may look strange but does the job perfectly, not to be used a disc to hit your mate when hes cheating or beating you in a game.

The Colours used with all AKRacing Chairs are very vibrant and can easily make these chairs stand out in a crowded room, above their competitors. One thing I love about these chairs are the straight backs, something we are told about all the time, straighten your back, don’t slouch, so these chairs will help with your posture.

To help with your posture and comfort the lumbar cushion supports the lower back and the neck cushion supports the neck. All chairs should consider adding straight backs, lumbar and neck cushions, they are really needed and a great way to help office workers as well as gamers to help improve posture and stop back problems in the future.

Armrests have been improved upon with AKRacing latest Models, I have yet to take a look at one, but I am hoping to soon, before Xmas 2016 I hope, either from Arozzi or AKRacing. what is so new about the new armrests? well, the new model armrests allow the user to adjust the height and width to best suit the user and their positions while gaming, resting and other activities. These armrests are the older models, which have a groove in them to rest your arm and allows for height adjustment, they are not as good as the new versions, but they do the job just as well, resting your arms.

There is still the issue with the starbase, as I feel they need more support, (More reinforcement) the Octane was the same, without the reinforcement, the starbase can twist, what I recommended in my original was, do not sit forward all the time, use the whole chair, sit back and take full advantage of the flat back, lumbar and neck cushions, this will provide a perfect weight balance and will stop the base from twisting

I always ask myself this one question, damn these are not cheap, would I buy one? well, I would differently save for one, could not afford to buy one outright, that’s for certain, are they worth the price? based on other chairs I have used in the past, these chairs kick them into the junk pile and make them look and feel totally shit, these chairs are well worth the asking price.

Not everyone will be able to afford one of these, and that is a true fact nowadays, not everyone will be interested, that’s their prerogative, if you do decide to grab one, though, you will not be let down, the quality and build is the best I have seen in any chair, the starbase, yes there is an issue, but if you use the chair as you should there will be no issues arising anymore. The best thing is, these chairs are going nowhere and AKRacing is making new chairs all the time, so if this one if not in your budget, or you do not like it, have a look on their site at all the others, there is plenty to choose from.

These chairs have now been tested by myself, my partner and many friends, all of them stat “They are bloody comfy and look awesome, I want one” and always try and take one of my spares, but I am rather stingy and that ain’t going to happen anytime soon, so they just come around more often just to game and sit in these wonderful seats.

Score 10/10 yep its the first time I have scored max, why? the starbase is no longer a major issue for me, and they have finally added the AKRacing logo to the back of the chair, which is a selling feature I really wanted. The are extremely good to use for long periods of time, help to support your back and neck which in term helps with your posture. What more can you ask for, cheaper, yes, but cheaper can equal rubbish, so save up your hard earned cash, stop being so tight fisted and spend a little on something that will last a life time.

This review is my opinion, i’ll leave you the viewer to decide if you think, I am an honest and a trusted writer, if you have read and agree with what I say then please support me, by following my work, disagree, then thanks for reading.

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