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Hey folks, welcome back to another review from me IGC Admin, the boss of the site and today I shall be looking at something that has become, rather controversial on TV, Glasses the use of glasses which help protect against blue light (Violet Light) eye strain and fatigue.  Many firms in the UK have over exaggerated their claims and the Advertising Standards Authority also known as the ASA have stepped in and warned them.

One firm was Boots which claimed this;

The Boots advertisement carried the wording: ‘Did you know that some blue light, from smartphone screens to sunshine, can affect your eyes?

‘Many modern gadgets, whether it’s a fancy LED TV or your smartphone, as well as sunlight and energy-saving light bulbs, give off a certain kind of blue light that can cause your retinal cells to deteriorate over time.’

The firm said it could help customers protect themselves, stating: ‘For £70, new Boots Protect Plus Blue lenses come with a special finish that filters out the harmful blue light and eases eye strain and fatigue.’

An investigation by the ASA found that the levels of harmful blue light emitted by gadgets were well below those in ordinary sunlight. At the same time, the Boots lenses only reduced exposure by 20per cent.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3292789/Boots-glasses-claim-misleading.html#ixzz4TTey3PwE

So the question on my lips is why did they do it, and what do Arozzi claim there do including how much exposure is reduced from blue light?

So let’s first look at the features

By reducing potentially harmful and distracting blue light they help eliminate unwanted artefacts, increase image clarity and visual acuity while reducing eye fatigue.

Visione glasses also filter over 99% of UV rays and have photosensitive lenses that automatically adjust for varying light conditions.

  •  Blocks up to 50% of shortwave blue light in the critical 400nm-500nm frequency range,
  •  Ideal for long gaming sessions or other users who spend continuous hours at electronic screens,
  •  Effectively reduces eye strain and fatigue and potential side effects such as dryness and soreness,
  •  Visione glasses are designed to the highest standards and are CE approved and FDA registered,
  •  Available in a variety of fashionable frames and colours to fit your style.

So these glasses block 50% blue light in the 400nm – 500nm frequency range, this is because violet lights emits at this wavelength, it’s also the reason why we see the sky as blue, not violet as our eyes are more sensitive to blue light

These glasses also filter out 99% of all UV Rays and adjust for varying light conditions, impressive. But as with all my peripheral review, I like to check out the product as though I was in a shop picking it up, reading and checking it out before I purchase.

So on that note let’s get down to Selling to the Consumer;

Coming in a nice black, well-built box with a see though pane to view your possible new gaming glasses, on the front, with the Arozzi logo, designed in Sweden with the Swedish flag, not made in Sweden, I guess they chose to outsource this aspect, then finally the name of the glasses and these selling quote ‘GAMING EYEWEAR BY AROZZI’.

Nothing on the side apart from the name of the eyewear and quote, moving to the back you get some information and features regarding these glasses and 5 different languages.

This is the information you get;

By reducing potentially harmful and distracting blue light they help eliminate unwanted artefacts, increase image clarity and visual acuity while reducing eye fatigue. Visione glasses also filter over 99% of UV Rays and have photosensitive lenses that automatically adjust for varying light conditions. This is followed by the features I stated previously.

Now it’s time to open and check out the product, this is good, very good, compared to the other glasses I have reviews, no name one Gunnar Eyewear. The glasses come in two compartments, black compartment holds the glasses the red compartment holds more goodies. What goodies you ask, a spare pair of nose pads, microfiber cloth, a heavy duty glasses case and a lightweight glasses bag all have the Arozzi logo on, bloody impressive compared to what you get with Gunnar, glasses and a lightweight glasses bag, Gunnar now you suck and over charge.

Everything is well designed, constructed and delivered with plenty of protection for any gamer/PC user to pick up any day.

Now there are the issues of the ASA and the boots claim and how Arozzi have sold these differently, Boots claimed blue light emitted by gadgets to be as harmful as sunlight, Arozzi do not make this claim, Arozzi claim these reduce blue light emitted by up to 50%, no claim about it being as bad as sunlight, they also claim these glasses help protect from UV Rays and have photosensitive lenses, totally different selling techniques compared to BOOTS and their miss selling.

After some research and questions put to the team behind Arozzi I can confirm the UV Rays that are protected are the following UVB, UVA, if you would like to know more about UV Rays then check out this site http://www.fda.gov/Radiation-EmittingProducts/RadiationEmittingProductsandProcedures/Tanning/ucm116425.htm

Do the claims work?

First thing first, due to the curvature of the lens and frame they really do stop your eyes from drying out, my eyes tended to water a lot, wearing these glasses they no longer do, such a great feeling.

The lenses themselves are tinted yellow and help to remove the shortwave blue light spectrum that our monitors throw out; they also improve the sharpness of what you see on the screen and really help to enhance the clarity. I find the worst thing about any monitor is the damn glare, that white glow; it really hurts my eyes and causes migraines, wearing these glasses totally remove that 100% no more watering eyes, irritation or any sign of a headache. One thing you will 100% see right away, well, I did anyway with my 20/20 vision everything seems to be enlarged by a small amount, may just be me, but to me, it did seem somewhat larger.

Wearing them, what are they like?

I tested these while using different headsets, which included the likes of the Razer Man O’War, Steelseries Siberia V2, RIG 500e and finally the Logitech G933 Artimus Spectrum, they all fit very well while wearing these glasses, so I would not worry about wearing these with any sort of headset, to a degree. Degree being the fact that every headset is designed differently, so they might now be perfect for everyone and every headset.

Games, all those glorious games, and there were plenty to dig into from 2016 when it came to testing the glasses though, I chose to test DOOM, Dishonored 2, STEEP, Watch_Dogs 2 and Forza Horizon 3, every game obviously ran well, as I have the system to do that, wearing the glasses helped me personally to improve the visuals, stop my eyes from straining and finally, the watering of the eyes subsided to a degree where I was not constantly rubbing my eyes.Writing reviews and previews and uploading news to our website was a lot easier to do thanks to the yellow tint that simply took away the glare and the slight enlargement of text on the screen.

Writing reviews and previews and uploading news to our website was a lot easier to do thanks to the yellow tint that simply took away the glare and there seemed to be a slight enlargement of text on the screen, but this might just be how i see it, and not an actual fact, maybe the colour variation affected how I see the text.

My final thoughts

Now for someone that does not wear glasses apart from Sunglasses and Cycling glasses, as I need those all the time due to my eyes always watering. These were great to wear and helped me out while gaming and typing out my work.I can finally game for hours, and work for hours without needing a break due to my headaches, strained eye balls or them constantly watering and me rubbing them, which was just making them worse.

The one thing I noticed about these, was how similar they were in design to my Gunnar Optics Steelseries Eyewear Glasses, but with a difference, they come at a lower price tag, with plenty of added extras that you do not get with the more expensive Gunnar Optics. Arozzi eye glasses cost €59.90 and the Gunnar ones cost around $79.00, so It’s a no brainer to which ones you are going to buy, the Arozzi right, cheap and has more benefits.

The Eyewear from Arozzi is flexible, light weight, well made and they do exactly what is written on the box, I can recommend these over the more expensive Gunnar Eyewear any day, in fact, as I throw my Gunnar glasses in the draw, I shall keep the Arozzi Glasses out for future use.

This review is my opinion, I’ll leave you the viewer to decide if you think, I am an honest and a trusted writer, if you have read and agree with what I say then please support me, by following my work, disagree, then thanks for reading.

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