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Zelda inspired local multiplayer game SpiritSphere launching January 24th on Steam

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SpiritSphere is getting a full release on Steam on the 24th of January. It will be available for Windows for $7.99/€7,99/₤5,59 with a massive 40% discount in the first week of launch, making it $4.79/€4,79/₤3,35 for one week only. It’s a labour of love that I’ve crafted entirely by myself, with the exception of the soundtrack by Gas1312, on a cold attic. So yeah, a true indie game!

SpiritSphere is a fast paced local multiplayer arcade game with an emphasis on the ‘local’ part. It draws inspiration from timeless classics like Zelda and Windjammers and is a mix of arcade gameplay and retro action-RPG visuals. The 8-bit art style sticks closely to the NES palette and associated restrictions. The game plays similar to air hockey and Pong and is easy to pick-up, but can get pretty crazy at higher level play.


  • 7 characters with each their own strengths and weaknesses
  • 8 varied stages
  • Multiple game modes: practice, singleplayer, local multiplayer for 2-4 players and Squash mode
  • Crazy powerups – and the ability to turn them off for a more skill-based experience
  • 11 spheres (balls) that have different effects on the gameplay

Here are a few quotes from selected websites and YouTube channels about SpiritSphere:

We need more original games like this. Zelda fans will feel right at home here.” – Retro Gaming Mag

What I am most thankful for is the ability that the game gave me to relive childhood memories.” – Steamified

I am so into this game. Seriously!” – Youtuber SpicyWaffle

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