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UnDungeon – Heads to Kickstarter

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UnDungeon is an Action / RPG oriented towards delightful storytelling, and aimed at exploration of a frequently changing gaming environment. We are going to release UnDungeon for PC, Mac, and Linux. Besides, there are plans to release a console version. Some time after SE Collective, we are going to give a Kickstarter campaign a go and launch a vote in Steam Greenlight.

The game world exists according to the rules of the Multiverse. The main action takes place soon after a global cataclysm melted multiple dimensions into a chaotic superstructure. The occasion, called the Shift, put the inhabitants of the affected worlds on the brink of survival: usual rules no longer work under the new conditions.

Right after the Shift, seven Heralds appear in the world.

Being absolutely different creatures, they come from diverse locations. The only unifying feature of Heralds is the presence of the energy Cores. From the perspective of each Herald, the Core brings supernatural powers and immortality, but at the same time it is the eternal curse of endless rebirths and a nonfree will. As for the world, the Core is a key to restoration and a symbol of the end. The Herald enters the world as a blank sheet of paper absorbing all the events that happen around like a sponge. There is a strong unbreakable bond between him and the Core – all the things the Herald says and does provide influence on how the artifact will affect the world at the end of the game.

Some projects that influenced our game:

  • Hyper Light Drifter – melee mechanics, bosses, environment exploration.
  • Enter The Gungeon – ranged combat mechanics, bosses, interactive environment, generation.
  • Transistor – slot based abilities combination.
  • FTL: Faster Than Light \ Space Rangers – the generation of the global map; moving around it.
  • Risk of Rain – possibility to choose a character; some mechanics.
  • Sunless Sea \ Vangers – emphasis on traveling and information gathering


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