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Genius GX Gaming Scorpion K20 – keyboard Review

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We have been sent a gaming keyboard from GX Gaming, namely, the Scorpion K20. Now, as this is not a mechanical keyboard, it does have many other properties.

Firstly, the specs:

  • 26 anti-ghosting keys
  • Adjustable repeat rates
  • Backlighting with brightness adjustment
  • Multimedia keys
  • Ultra-durable keycaps

With the boxing, it clearly shows the keyboard, it shows what you’ll be getting. On some keyboards, you do get a small hole in the box to feel the keys beforehand, which some people really like as the feel of the keys can affect a lot of your thoughts on the keyboard, but you don’t with this keyboard.

Though not specified on the box, the size and weight can also play a big part in use.

Size and weight;

  • Width: 470mm / 18.50in,
  • Length: 190mm / 7.48in,
  • Height: 20mm / 0.79in,
  • Weight: 940g

Initial Thoughts

Pretty, very pretty. The backlights are an instant catch. The whole keyboard light up behind the keys in a spectrum between the colours. These, of course, come with a brightness setting. There are four brightness options of full LED (100%), full LED (60%), full LED (breathing, or fading between off and on), and of course off for all you boring keyboard warriors. At the bottom of the keyboard are two, rather large strips of blue LEDs, which allow the use of the  keyboard in any environment.

This keyboard not being a mechanical keyboard, it is quieter than what I am used to. I currently use a Steelseries Apex 350, which is much louder but the keys are closer together. On the Scorpion K20, the keys are spaced much farther apart, which of course can be better for some people, but personally it was too much for myself to get used to.

The K20 allows quick adjustment of the repeat rate by using FN + F1/F2/F3 to change between 21/s, 20/s, and 62/s. This a small but useful option if you are personally used to specific times, instead of getting used to something else.

The multimedia keys on this keyboard were a surprise to me honestly. There are 10 in total, which are located above, and out of the way, of all the other keys which can be used without the need of an installed driver.

Multimedia Keys;

  • Home (Internet Browser)
  • Computer (My Computer)
  • Mail
  • Search
  • Volume down
  • Volume up
  • Mute
  • Play backward
  • Play/Pause
  • Play forward

These keys were a surprise to me as I didn’t read up on them beforehand. I didn’t expect the home key to open Google Chrome. This is another small feature that can be useful if given the time to get used to them. Through my time of using this keyboard, I didn’t use these keys as I don’t use my keyboard to edit my music, or didn’t have an obvious need to open my internet browser or my computer with a button instead of a single click.

One thing about this keyboard that struck me was the lack of macro keys. For a gaming keyboard, I expected there to be macro keys for people who play MMOs or RTSs for example. Macro keys allow the use of key combinations, where one press is equivalent to multiple. For example, Macro 1 could make you use an ability, dodge, then use another without you having to do anything. This wasn’t as much as a problem to me as I only ever used one or two macro keys, but it may be a problem for more intense gamers.

This keyboard is full-sized, including a keypad to the right, comes with the FN key, or the Function Key. This is used for the brightness adjustment and the changing of the repeat rate.

Using this keyboard for typing caused me few problems, but with gaming, it was perfectly fine. I got used to the keyboard very quickly, the spacing of the keys, and the height. The keyboard comes with two foldout stands underneath for the choice of raising the keyboard. Using this, the K20 was raised much further than my keyboard, but was a little problem.

Overall, this keyboard is great. It’s a great starter for gamers, but maybe not so for expert gamers, solely for the fact of not having macro keys. It is extremely appealing, and almost made me want to use it primarily instead of my Steelseries. It is quiet, or at least quieter, which I know can be better for some if their microphone picks up background noise. Through all the advantages and disadvantages, and myself wanting to use it more, I rate it an 8/10. The lack of macro keys, but the addition of an FN key, multimedia keys, and quietness of the keys make up for this rating.

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