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Ayo The Clown is coming soon to PC and Mac via STEAM

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Help ‘Ayo The Clown’ On His Mission To Rescue His Beloved Companion In Stunningly Beautiful Platformer Inspired By The Timeless Classics

Hilarious Ayo & Wiggly Bo Must Reunite!

Mobile publisher and indie game developer Cloud M1 is proud to announce that Ayo The Clown is coming soon to PC and Mac via STEAM™, pending the success of the ongoing Crowdfunding efforts set in motion to secure its official release. Ayo The Clown features your not-so-average clown embarking on an epic journey in search of his four-legged companion and best-friend, Bo. Where did he go? What happened to him? Will they ever reunite and wiggle tails once again?

Ayo The Clown is a cute, colorful and feature-rich 2.5 platform adventure with heavy emphasis on story and exciting side-quests. You acquire skills as you play, and you may collect accessories and even comic book pieces on each of the games 8 level to unveil the epic prequel. Plenty of goodies and upgrades are available and you even get to ride a tank and take a chopper for a spin! Challenging obstacles and light puzzles are key ingredients to the fun-factor, accompanied by a memorable story of a kind and generous clown looking for his loyal friend. Oh, and save your hometown too! Levels within the game are not just hilarious to play; they also offer a unique theme and interesting platforms to navigate.

Ayo The Clown offers a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience and a stunning beautiful environment to play, instantly bringing back memories to the golden days of platform adventuring in the 90s. You will learn about courage, love, friendship, and the amazing things that happen when you never give up. Are you clown enough to discover the whereabouts of Bo and restore peace to your town?

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