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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns as Living World Season 3 Continues with “The Head of the Snake”

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The White Mantle’s Traitorous Scheme is Unveiled in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns as Living World Season 3 Continues with “The Head of the Snake”

So, myself and a few other people were given the chance to play some of the upcoming Living World content for Guild Wars 2 with some of the designers and this is what I was able to get from the lovely tour they gave us as well as from the questions we got to ask. Just to preface this article. This is NOT a paid promotion of Guild Wars 2. We were not paid in any way and the thoughts shown here are my own. With that out of the way. Let’s take a look at “The Head of the Snake”

The lore up until this point goes on about a group called the White Mantle who use “bloodstones” which can cause destruction and empower it’s users and the White Mantle are launching a siege on Divinity’s Reach which is the Capital of Kryta which is inhabited by mostly humans. This is the latest addition to the living world story which is giving players the chance to watch the world change and then take part in that change. The players will be walking out from Divinity’s Reach straight into an active warzone with the White Mantle members launching bloodstone magic at the city and it’s up to everyone to work together to push the White Mantle back. With the living world episodes, the areas are filled with events and more ways to get awesome gear and this area is no exception.

We were shown most of the area in a tour led by some of the designers including some really cool events including a stealth section and an open-air dungeon and when I asked the developers about having large groups of events, one replied with “We want to make sure that the content is fun for any group of any size. As most of these events are public, anyone including solo players won’t get left behind as it has been throughout the entire game. The open-air dungeon we have is one of those points where we hope players will be talking about in map chat and grouping up to take on the boss at the top and get some cool stuff. The invasions around the map are similar as well in that respect.”

One of the cool things about this area is the before mentioned open dungeon, the designers led us through the dungeon and we did get to the boss but we got destroyed. I don’t want to say too much but the area itself is designed for any group size but it won’t scale up or down. The start will have lots of normal enemies and the further up you go the more challenging it will be. Mix this with other hazards and you’ve got something that can tide you over between raids or dungeons as you can just group and take it on to get some sweet gear.

The last couple things include more glider puzzles but instead of using the gliders for main traversal of the area like in the heart of thorns questing areas but more as an area to wind down after a long day of sieges and war but then when you’re done with that you can go and hold areas from White Mantle assaults and I would say these are harder than the dungeon area! Especially the fact that it’s timed so there should be a lot to keep players occupied. Lastly, you’ve got the next raid wing which is the “Bastion of the Penitent” which we didn’t get to see during the preview but have been assured that it’ll be a good time.

One final question was “Will we be seeing a Jormag fight any time soon?” They laughed and said they couldn’t tell me so I guess that’s not a no?

The update should be live at the time of posting so make sure to jump on Guild Wars 2 and fend off the White Mantle!

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