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Imperial Dragon Review

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Imperial Dragon is a game far off the games I normally play. Imperial Dragon is a Chinese-style slots game from the website www.meccabingo.com. Of course, being a slots game, it has the general 5 columns and 3 rows of icons. Using the spin button, all 5 columns spin and stop at random points, possibly matching a number of combinations to win money.

Being from a bingo website, it can use real money to spin. This game is a Free to Play game, and gives £100 per instance, but you do not earn your winnings, it is simply to experience the game. You can choose how much money you use to bet. The more you bet, from 20p to £100 per spin, it increases the winnings you get. There is an Auto Spin feature, allowing you to have the game spin for you if you are busy or need to do something else during playing. The game can auto spin 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100 times at the cost of your choosing.

The game has informational buttons if needed. One gives an overlay of the game, explaining how the game’s features (such as Auto Spin, betting, etc.) work, and the combinations needed for winning along multiple pages. Another informational button is located at the top of the screen, along with an option to turn off sounds, and your balance/winnings of that game. This informational button opens a new tab on your browser, with a long page on how to get started and how to play, what each of the symbols mean, and how the gambling system works.

The gambling system gives you the option to gamble your current winnings, increasing what you win, with the chance of losing it all. Choosing to gamble will spin a clock hand of sorts. Landing this hand in the green area wins you your extra money, whereas landing in the red area means you lose your money. Depending on the size of the red area, as well as how lucky you feel, it is probably best not to gamble, and to keep your winnings.

The game looks pretty great. It is in a Chinese-style, the background being that of a Chinese temple, the border of bamboo and cherry blossoms, and a Chinese-styled font throughout. The text, drawings, and icons all are smooth, and very detailed. Some of which seem like they shouldn’t be in the game.

The sounds are awfully loud for my liking. There are only two options for the sound, and that’s on or off. The game is silent until the slots are spun, to then it plays a short tune until the spinning is complete. Winning plays an uplifting few notes to show you’ve won if you are using the Auto Spin feature and not paying attention. Each button has it’s own distinct sound, as well as the gambling system has it’s own music as if it’s more serious, or to induce more pressure onto the player.

Overall, it is a pretty enjoyable game for background playing. I wouldn’t necessarily focus on the game entirely, but instead have it Auto Spin in the background as I focus on something else. The graphics and sounds are appealing, but would have to be tuned down a bit personally, or given a volume slider. I wouldn’t say this game is targeted towards a specific audience, but towards anyone who decides to play it. There are many games on Meccabingo like it, that work just the same. I would recommend this game for time passing, but you would have to remember that it is a win-or-lose situation, where you could easily lose a lot of money if you’re not on the Free to Play option.

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