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3-Card Poker Review

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Grosvenor Casinos is a live casino website with a plethora of gambling and fun games to play, including slots reels and roulette to blackjack and poker. Besides on-site games, the site also features live playing sessions where you are sent a live feed to a table of the game you choose, an employee reading out the numbers and names of the players as if you were really there. Creating an atmosphere of a gambling establishment but keeping all anonymity.

Like many other sites, Grosv gives you a free £20 when you sign up and make your first deposit of £20, from there you can set daily limits on yourself along with warnings for how long you have played that session. Putting a focus on fun over money, the site has plenty of features to stop you losing control, with kind staff who are ready to send you to help lines and other staff to talk to if any issue arises.

Besides all the online and website features, Grosv also holds 53 separate casinos all over the UK, from the bottom of England to the middle of Scotland. With plenty of events held at your local building and specific decors, even if you’re off the site you will find a unique experience.

Grosv does hold plenty of video games to play, more played down versions of their live games, which does cater to a certain audience, but not where the site shines. The best part of their website is in the live games, with plenty of dealers and staff manning the tables and cameras. Smooth and High Quality video streams, showing you not only your table but others, they pull of the online gambling theme brilliantly.

At certain intervals you will have your dealer change, their name updating on your page, along with a chat function to both talk to other players and members of staff. Throughout my time on the site I played with and listened to plenty of their staff, from the extremely professional to the more friendly charismatic ones.

To better explain it I will go into greater detail on their live 3-card Poker, from their site you just need to click on the appropriate game type and select “Live” or “play now” over the demo versions. From there you are brought to a new page with a smaller window inside of it with the live feed. On the window you will see your balance and total bet, cards are drawn by the dealer and the window will bring up a smaller display on the left, displaying the cards in a clearer fashion. With larger text than normal cards you shouldn’t have any problem reading them from the table. The dealer will clearly speak the type of hand you have as well as their hand when it comes to that part, a display showing the same information. If the player wins it will display their winnings on the left side, along with any other players who won.

Thankfully it isn’t just 3-card Poker that has this professionalism, blackjack, roulette and all the other live video games keep the same sort of style for its cards, displays and chat. There will be a troll in the chat every so often, however whenever I came across them the dealer handled the situation professionally and with a smile. On the topic of dealers I had no real complaints, rather I preferred the style of some over others, the best dealer for me was on the Blackjack table.

Overall I had a pleasant time on the website, while I didn’t like their video game versions, due to being able to play those kind of games on flash websites, their live games are top notch. I cannot say much about their in-person establishments but the online version is a great alternative. They could work to make the site easier to move around or more aesthetically pleasing, but you shouldn’t be spending so much time there. The popup text during play can get annoying sometimes, but they normally contain valuable information so that can be overlooked.

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