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‘Switch – or die trying’ reveals developer commentary video

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Indian game development studio Threye Interactive today published a developer commentary video for their upcoming 2D puzzle platformer Switch – or die trying, releasing on Steam for PC on March 7th and on Xbox One in the coming months. Throughout the video the team briefly introduces the narrative and showcases in more detail the main mechanics, including the unique ‘switching’ mechanic as well as different ways it can be utilized across several levels. Despite the high difficulty level Switch – or die trying offers addictingly fun gameplay, which together with beautiful art and soothing music create a unique platforming experience not to be missed!

In Switch – or die trying players “switch” across traps and obstacles, speedrun through gruelling situations, and test their reflexes with unique environmental interactions. Following known 2D platforming mechanics such as jumping, wall jumping and shooting, Switch – or die trying  introduces a unique ‘switching’ mechanic which not only affects the platforms in several ways but also grants a double jump, which leads to situations demanding interesting choices to be made within split seconds. The game employs a beautiful, minimalist 2D art style which is further enriched by a soundtrack that emboldens a sense of excitement and fun throughout the game’s challenging levels.

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