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Genius Rocket Subwoofer Speakers Review

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A set of speakers? How does one review a set of speaker without the correct tools, well like I normally do, basic and to the point without all the technical waffle other sites just love to add to their reviews.

From a selling point of view, the product showcases exactly what the speaker look like, right on the front of the box. On one of the sides, there is some technical information,

  • 6W Subwoofer Output – 12W RNS,
  • 1 Channel – Rocket Subwoofer,
  • Solid Sound – Wooden Loudspeakers
  • Clear Acoustics – Dynamic Audio Crossover
  • Bass Enforcement – Built-in Amplifier IC
  • Freely Tone Fine-Tuning – Tone Controllers

Nothing much of the back, just your specifications which are

So straight on to specifications

  • RMS power: 12 watts

Subwoofer: 6 watts

Satellite: 3 watts x2

  • S/N Ratio: 75dB
  • Speaker drivers:

Subwoofer: 3 inches, 8Ω

Satellite: 2.5 inches, 4Ω#

  • Frequency response: 75Hz ~ 20Hz
  • Dimension (W x H x D) mm:

Subwoofer: 120 x 180 x 142 mm

Satellite: 90 x 90 x 80 mm

Opening the product up everything is well protected with bubble wrap, so the delivery person, will not be able to break, when in transit, we all know how the treat boxes, they just throw the into the back of their vans and then push through them all to find the one they need to deliver.

Now from the outset, these might not suit everyone, especially the wooden design, but if you have a wooden computer table/desk, then maybe they will be perfect for you. If you can ignore the wooden effect you will be happy no know that the design and construction of the speakers are very good. The front of the speakers is satin black; with a silver dome and silver nozzle tuners. From what I can tell just by looks alone these are damn fine, even to the point where they have feet so they will not scratch your unit, but they are soft in nature not rubberized so they do move around easily.

Speaker is for sound, listening to your favourite game, or that great track from an artist you like listening to, so can these speakers pull this off, or do these speakers struggle?

So unpacked and ready to test, plug into my system that is running Realtek and Nahimic software and see how well they perform, and they are up again my Creative Labs T3250 Speaker Set, and these are better, by far. I always though creative where great, but I guess these speaker suck balls, ok these new speakers are not loud enough to drowned out your partner from shouting at you, or that annoying neighbour listening to heavy rock, that screaming shit, that sound like a cat being strangled or a guy being kicked in the balls over and over, but it does give out a good sound score.

Being able to control the bass does help, as I love heavy base while listening to the my shitty trance music, or some yesteryear Scooter, but listening to some great 80s and 90s rock does make me smile and help to relax as I Daddy Dance around the room, like a total fool.

So it’s down to your really, do you want very loud speakers, then you going to have to look elsewhere, don’t like the wooden effect, look elsewhere, want something that has good enough bass, and enough sound to hear your game and music without overpowering everything else around you, then these are perfect for you.

For me, though, they are better than my damn Creative Labs T3250 Speaker Sets, so they getting boxed up and these are staying out as my main speakers until something else comes in that is better. I do tend to use headphones as my main audio output for gaming and music, so the speakers will get used for general use, like streaming TV while working and writing up articles.

I would not say these are the greatest set of speakers available, but for the price, £29.99 and what they offer, they are differently worth a look.

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