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GDC – First Look at the All-New VR Games Coming to Oculus in 2017

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Today at GDC, we debuted an exciting lineup of brand-new VR games coming to Rift and Gear VR. No matter what kind of gamer you are, this year’s titles—created by talented AAA and indie developers alike—will deliver the depth and polish you’ve been waiting for.

2017: The Year of VR Gaming

Introducing Four New VR Games Designed for Touch

Blade & Soul: Table Arena

NCSoft merges the collectible card game (CCG) and real-time strategy (RTS) genres with Blade & Soul: Table Arena. Touch lets you use your hands to summon units as you battle for domination. Strength and strategy are key, so choose units wisely and take advantage of training and upgrades in the lab.

Blade & Soul

Brass Tactics

Hidden Path Entertainment takes RTS to the next level with Brass Tactics. Team up with other players in co-op mode or battle it out in PvP as you use Touch to physically move your clockwork creations on the battlefield and direct attacks with a sweep of your hand.

Brass Tactics Announce Trailer

From Other Suns

Gunfire Games is back with their fourth VR title for Oculus: From Other Suns. This hilarious four player co-op shooter lets you fight to save humanity from interstellar threats or joyride through the galaxy until humanity’s clock runs down—your call.

From Other Suns Announcement Trailer

The Mage’s Tale

inXile Entertainment brings The Bard’s Tale universe into VR with The Mage’s Tale. Fans of dungeon crawlers are in for a treat, since this game brings the ability to mix and cast spells with your hands to a dungeon-crawling adventure RPG.


New Must-Haves for Gear VR

Hot off the announcement of the new Gear VR and Controller, we’ve got two brand-new mobile titles to share.

Augmented Empire

Coatsink Software’s Augmented Empire delivers a narrative-driven tactical RPG set in a neo-noir dystopian society. While those with social cachet live in luxury at the top, criminals and outcasts suffer in squalor. Take charge of a squad of bio-electrontically modified misfits to lead the revolution.


Force Field VR combines third-person stealth and immersive first-person puzzle-solving in Term1nal. A skilled avatar pilot for hire, you’ll use advanced VR hardware to control androids from the safety of your apartment as you uncover a high-tech facility’s dark secrets.

TERM1NAL Announcement Trailer

The Year of VR Gaming

Adding to the excitement of previously released upcoming titles like Rock Band VR, Arktika.1, Wilson’s Heart, Lone Echo, and Killing Floor: Incursion, this new content joins a slate of month-after-month AAA releases. If 2016 was the year of revolutionary VR hardware, 2017 is rapidly shaping up as the year of game-changing software. From table top and FPS to RTS and more, developers are innovating across every genre to elevate the state of VR gaming.

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