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Toygeddon brings Racing Online Battle Arena to Steam Greenlight and GDC 2017  

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Unreal Vision’s new multiplayer game Toygeddon has made its debut on Steam Greenlight and is on exhibit and available for demonstrations at GDC 2017, Booth 1902 (South Hall).

Toygeddon is a free-to-play Racing Online Battle Arena (R.O.B.A) inspired by the popular genre of MOBA with the addition of some frenzied racing fun. The title, in development for Windows, tells the story of some toys that live in an old and dismissed shopping mall on the verge of demolition.

Unable to cope with the situation, a group of toys decides to look for a new home but they’ll have to face other groups that do not agree with this idea.


  • Three game modes (Capture the Battery – Exodus – King of the Mall) packed with frantic action and focused on the journey of the toys from the fight for the vital batteries through the crossing of a park infested with enemies, to the final conquest of the “Promised Land”.
  • Vast customization options: twenty puppets with unique skills combinable with 15 power-ups, 200 accessories and 6 vehicles divided into 3 main categories (Tanks, Glass Cannon, Racer) with different characteristics for speed, health and weapons capabilities.
  • Nine maps with matches for 6 to 10 players.
  • Local multiplayer via split screen up to 4 players.
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