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Paradox Soul now on Kickstarter

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Paradox Soul is a 2D explorative action-shooter hybrid. Cram-packed with cool weapons, evil enemies and epic boss fights! Shoot, dodge and dash your way through this nightmarish metroidvania game!

Set deep in the lonely landscapes of Iceland, you play as researcher Dr. Alli Rose. The game begins with her stumbling upon a seemingly unoccupied base.

What’s inside, however, is something far more sinister than you could ever imagine. Dingy, labyrinth-like hallways make up this research complex and it is up to you to navigate your way through to find out who or what is orchestrating the evil.

We wanted to create a game that was both explorative yet engaging, challenging but rewarding and nostalgic but not dated.

One thing we dislike about many explorative games is back-tracking with no purpose. We are always aiming to reward the player wherever back-tracking is required. Those rewards come in different but exciting game changing power ups.

New gun types:

  • Beam cannon – An intense screen length beam great for long distance
  • Cluster gun – Shoots 3 orb bullets that spread out
  • Automatic rifle – A slightly weaker but more rapid attack gun
  • Teleport gun – Allows you to teleport to where the bullet lands 
  • Flamethrower – A short length attack but incredibly powerful
  • Rocket launcher – The rarest and most powerful gun in the game! 



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