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With over half a million downloads and nearly 32,000 yaks born in the world during Early Access, Faeria, the Card Battler built for PC and perfected for mobile, is available now.

Find out how the game has grown and all the latest figures in Faeria Tales: Road to 1.0

Today Abrakam are ecstatic to announce that Faeria, the Card Battler with its unique living board gameplay, has left Early Access and is now officially available on Steam and for iPad. Since launching in Early Access in March 2016, Faeria has been extensively evolved and improved to reach the finely tuned launch version available today thanks to the thousands of testers that contributed over 40,000 pieces of feedback that helped to improve the game.

The focus on making a game that is easy to learn yet hard to master has resulted in more than 500,000 downloads in Beta and the rise of a vibrant esports community. Since the launch of its monthly cup Faeria has accumulated over 110,000 hours watched as fans and players tune in to see some of the most competitive play available.

Development of the game has only just begun as the game officially launches, with even more content, cards as well as both social and competitive features in the works to expand the world of Faeria even further. Since entering Early Access, the development team added a full blown single player experience with over 20 hours of content, an updated user interface, 40 new cards, a spectator mode and now true cross platform play between Steam and iPad. Support for Android devices and smartphones will also be available soon.

With today’s update comes a ‘War Effort’, in which every piece of Gold collected by the community is added to a grand total – once this total hits 50,000,000 we will reveal our exciting plans for Faeria’s next few months!

“It’s been an exciting journey to get here and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our amazing community that have helped to shape Faeria into what we see today,” said Emilien Eloy, Chief Marketing Officer at Abrakam. “Our time in Early Access has allowed us to develop this deep and community driven game with new and highly demanded features released regularly. Now the game is ready to expand its user base to the whole world and we are ready for the challenge of keeping this ever expanding world exciting and competitive for all players. We are PC gamers first but we are especially excited about our next challenge – bringing exactly the same high quality Strategy Game experience to mobile devices.”

You can find out more about how Faeria has grown and developed over the past year by going to www.faeria.com/tales/road-to-1-0 and experiencing ‘Faeria Tales: Road to 1.0’.

Full details surrounding the update can be found here.

Faeria is available to download from Steam and the App Store.

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