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Gambling has been around for hundreds of years, varying styles originating from different countries, from organised gambling within casinos to friends setting bets on their personal games. While back in older times you could lose an appendage or item the current gambling scene is much safer with plenty of securities allowed to the gamblers. With the raise of Las Vegas and local gambling dens around the world the art of gambling is as widespread as it has ever been. Enter the online gambling scene.

Online gambling has been around since the 90’s, hiding away in the dark depths of a new world of internet gaming and searching. As the years have passed, online gaming and gambling has become vastly popular. Tournaments are setup for games like League of Legends, chess tournaments have made a slight move to the internet, but the real risk-reward system is within the betting scene. Sometimes endorsed by the players, watchers can bet amongst themselves to see who wins to the bigger CS:GO gambling scandal some time ago.

While internet gambling started off small, with around 15 sites in 1996 it has boosted itself to a huge industry, raking in billions of dollars/pounds every year. With “free” sites for a younger audience to play without risk to hard-core sites with pay-in systems, conversions to real life casinos and special offers to bring you back for more. Starting with basic slot machine flash games to live-feed cameras to buildings designed like a real life casino, with employees operating a table where players can interact with through their computer.

While it wasn’t a subject talked about heavily in the mainstream media or on television, the BBC has written several articles on their website and sometimes on their programme that talk about Online Gambling, putting their harsh light on it as they ever do. From Fifa gambling by Nepenthez to Ladbrokes advertisements to their gambling online. It isn’t all doom and gloom from the news however, as the BBC does do some articles on bigger winners, like Jon Heywood who won millions in online gambling. CNN also wrote articles on the legality of online gambling back in 2011, though with the changing of times the online scene is bigger then ever.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of small league gambling sites, making it hard to trust a lot of them due to the scams running around. The big dogs like Netbet Casino keep a professional face, while keeping it all anonymous with several responsible gambling tools on hand to warn you about the time or money spent in a day. Full of free games to test the waters, pay-in gambling and live-feed camera sessions for games at the table. With such an easy drop-in drop-out system in place, gambling is simple, safe and fun.

Like normal video games, the online gambling scene has seen plenty of backlash, legal battles and hate from the public. But that has only bolstered it, from improved security, law changes and better designed games for gamblers to play.

While the media will continue to paint a bad picture about gambling, both online and in real life, it is improving every year. Introverts have a much easier way to gamble, home-bound players are catered to and people who simple want to stay indoors but still have some gambling fun. Plenty of sites offer start-up bonuses to boot, so you can get your fill before fully committing to the whole online gambling scene.

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