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Aragami Exceeds 140 000+ Sales on PC and PS4 alone in first 5 Months

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Lince Works also adds Steam Workshop support and is now talking with other license holders to make Aragami available on more platforms.

Today Lince Works announced that their first ever commercial game, the third-person action stealth Aragami, has sold over 100 000 copies on PC alone and has also surpassed the team’s expectations on PlayStation 4 as those numbers continue to roll in.

“We’re still getting all the numbers in from PlayStation4 for February and March, but the game has been a massive success there as well. Thanks to this support, we’re now in an amazing space where we alone can decide on the future of our games and the studio itself. And we owe it all to our amazing fans.” says David Leon, Lince Works co-founder and Program-Lead on Aragami.

“The timing of this milestone couldn’t have been sweeter as we’d just released Steam Work Shop support to our PC fans. I recall how in the In the 90’s all of us on the team spent hours upon hours in the Tenchu 2 level editor, so we knew we wanted to give the same experience to our own players if the game’s success meant we could focus time and effort on something similar.”

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