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Popular iOS Strategy Game ‘Wartime X’ Just Got Better With The Addition Of Live Multiplayer Mode!

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Indie mobile game developer SumoFox is proud to announce the support of live multiplayer mode just added to their popular card-battler, Wartime X. Currently in BETA, the new mode is a long-promised addition to the game, and comes paired with several updates to UI and gameplay, largely based on user suggestions. Wartime X is a turn-based strategy card battler that combines strategic gameplay with fast-paced action using a unique combat engine that fuses the card classics poker and war.

Wartime X is free to download and the new feature allows players to face off randomly against the growing group of 50,000 active users, providing higher in-game currency rewards that can be used to collect rare character clue packs. The upgrade is available to players of all levels, unlike other game features which require users to reach specific game achievements to unlock. Multiplayer mode is the first in a series of scheduled upgrades to the game, with tournament play and a new PvP ranking and rewards system expected for release in the coming months. Other updates, such as bigger cards to improve the game UI, will continue to roll out as the developer continuously incorporates player feedback and suggestions into upcoming versions of the game.

It is noteworthy that Wartime X was recently mentioned on AMC’s tech review show NewsWatch, which reviewed the game on their post Walking Dead Monday, February 13th on their morning broadcast.

Download Wartime X https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/wartime-x/id1144172460?mt=8

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