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Game News Rezzed 2017

Floatlands Playable at EGX Rezzed – Excalibur Games Completes its Show Line-Up

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Back in January, we announced that we’ll be bringing Jalopy, Craft Keep VR and Dad Quest to EGX Rezzed. That didn’t mean that we weren’t hiding something else up our sleeves, however. Just last week, we announced that Excalibur Games is working with Team Floatlands to release the beautiful exploration-based game Floatlands – and EGX Rezzed will represent one of the first times the game has ever been playable publicly.

In addition to Floatlands, we’ll also be bringing along Laser Disco Defenders and Circuit Breakers on PC. These will all be playable, meaning that the Excalibur Games stand will be packed, with six games to play.

Developers from Dad Quest, Jalopy, Shoppe Keep, Craft Keep VR, Floatlands and Laser Disco Defenders will all be at hand to speak with the press, as well as fans. We’re printing gorgeous limited edition posters for each of these games to be given away at the show, and signed by the developers.

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