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Amplitude Studios announced today that the seventh playable faction for their 4X sci-fi game, Endless Space® 2, will be available in next week’s major update on Steam. The new faction, the Riftborn, features gameplay that revolves around a unique mechanic: the control of time, which they use to their advantage and to completely change the course of the game. Set in the same universe as Endless Space® and its fantasy-themed spin-off Endless Legend™, Endless Space® 2 is a turn-based, space-strategy game that expands the popular Endless universe even further.

The brand new Riftborn faction will be coming to Endless Space® 2 on March 23 along with the Multiplayer mode (up to 8 players), new solar winds, nebulas and trading ships bringing more life to the galaxy, AI improvements in Diplomacy and Battle, tweaks to the Battle System and Technology Tree, a tutorial for “Advanced” players, and more!

Endless Space® 2 is currently available on Early Access on Steam, for $29.99 (standard edition) and $37.49 (digital deluxe edition). Press interested in acquiring an Early Access preview code can email Danitra Alomia (danitra@reverbinc.com) to request one.

For more information on Endless Space® 2, visit Amplitude Studios on its Website (www.amplitude-studios.com), like it on Facebook, and follow it on Twitter.

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