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The Game Creators Are Proud To Announce ‘MyWorld’

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TheGameCreators Are Proud To Announce ‘MyWorld’ – A New Action RPG Game Creator Via STEAM™ Early Access

The Game Creators release MyWorld on STEAM™ Early Access this coming Friday, on March 17th.  MyWorld is a new and unique 3D-RPG multiplayer sandbox world, where game makers and game players can create, share and play games.

MyWorld is a game where players build games – anyone can build anything they imagine to be played in any game mode they wish. These games can then be safely stored on a local file or uploaded to be shared and improved on by the MyWorld community. Players can build the scenes, set the rules, and decide who plays the game, meaning game builders can set a game as single-player, PvP or Co-Op.

At the heart of MyWorld is the ability to link worlds together, construct multiple level games and adventure through them with friends. Via ‘portals’ game makers and game players can cross over into worlds created by other users and play the action RPG they’ve made to be discovered. Any game level can be linked to any other level and can be easily chained together to create a unique experience.

Says Lee Bamber, CEO of The Game Creators: “Our vision was to create the World of Worlds, a universe populated by games created by MyWorld users; where you can take any world, and make it your own, and with the easy to use controls build exciting new experiences to play and share with friends.  On release, there will be nearly 100 games to play through and, as the community starts to produce and share their own creations, many more will come online.”

Dave Milton, Lead Developer on MyWorld, says: “I am a lover of Action RPG game series like Zelda, Demon and Dark Souls, The Witcher and Diablo, all of which have all been an inspiration to me and have given me an enormous amount of passion for MyWorld every minute of every day. I hope everyone loves using MyWorld as much as we are enjoying developing it.”

MyWorld is built in Unity and uses the industry renowned Photon Multiplayer technology to create multiplayer sessions between players. This tech is at the center of MyWorld and ensures users can meet up to create, play and share their MyWorld games.

MyWorld on STEAM™ Early Access: http://store.steampowered.com/app/492150/

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