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High-speed charging and lots of options – Sandberg A/S

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Quick charging of mobile devices has become widespread among the large brands within Android-based mobiles and tablets.

Many people find that the quick charging does not work when using a USB plug in a car or the extra charger in the sitting room. The same is true for Powerbanks. For most, Quick Charge is a luxury that only works with the original charger that came in the package with the mobile device.

No longer. Sandberg has launched a range of advanced chargers and a pretty advanced Powerbank on the market that cover the needs of most people.

Martin Hollerup, Managing Director at Sandberg, explains: “In the everyday life of the modern consumer, it is disruptive to wait for mobile devices to charge. We are now pleased to be able to solve this problem to some extent for many people, and at very reasonable prices.”

The in-car charger
When the charger is connected to a 12V power plug in a car, there are outputs for both Quick Charge and a general 2.4A USB output, so two devices can be charged at the same time.

The 230V charger

A very handy device that can charge both Quick Charge devices and universal USB devices. The charger has the three commonest types of wall sockets included in the pack so it can be used anywhere in the world by and large.


The Powerbank

Sandberg’s new Powerbank must be one of the most advanced the market has ever seen. Like other powerbanks, it can be charged with a universal mobile charger. But it can also be charged with a USB-C or with a Quick Charge charger, which is much quicker. Once charged, all options are available. There is a standard USB output, Quick Charge output and a USB-C output.

The three new products are already on their way to the stores. Consumers can find their nearest store or buy online at www.sandberg.it


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