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Is there a “beautifulness segment” for Powerbanks? – Sandberg A/S

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Three new Powerbanks from Sandberg have just been launched on the market. A market that is already full of Powerbanks. How can it be that these three new products will add to the market?

Ask Sandberg’s Director for Sales and Marketing, Erling Hoff Petersen, and he replies with a home-made word: “Beautifulness.” The Director goes into slightly more detail: “I think that all three are very attractive. They are not only elegant. I think they are beautiful.”

Sandberg is known for its very useful products, all high quality and with a five-year guarantee. Sandberg is also known for giving consumers a lot for their money. These qualities will not be overshadowed by beautifulness on the three products here.

The smallest is pocket-sized. Very slender, with rounded corners and straight to slip into a pocket or small bag. Even so, it has enough power for 1-3 charges of a typical smartphone.

The medium version has a more robust look. It offers both greater battery capacity and two outputs that together can provide up to 3.1A. This is enough to charge a smartphone and tablet computer at the same time.

The largest member of the family is a slender and stylish composition of black and aluminium. It also offers a double output, LED pocket light and, not least, a capacity of 10,000 mAh – twice as much as the range’s smallest product.

All three will soon be on sale and will be available at numerous dealers, on the internet and of course on www.sandberg.it

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