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Run and Günz: Sindiecate Announces Action Platformer Nongünz

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Brainwash Gang’s Nihilistic Romp coming to PC, Mac & Linux this April Check it out at EGX Rezzed

Sindiecate’s new title, Nongünz, is a disturbing bloodbath that will have you wallowing in your own viciousness.

Developed by Brainwash Gang, each run has you emerging from a black and white graveyard into an ever-changing gothic dungeon full of nightmares fleshed out of human viscera. Surviving this distraught roguelike will not only require skill but style, since Nongünz rewards you for long-lasting combos along with a variety of challenges and gameplay modifiers. Moreover, your score will play a key role in the formation of your very own band of lost souls and death cultists.

As the world of Nongünz evolves, the player will find special characters that will inhabit their graveyard: praying cultists, self-scourging martyrs, somber gravediggers… These characters will provide special services such as shops, slot machines, dungeon shortcuts, and more; which will either help you widen your killing skills or improve the rewards accumulated in your graveyard.

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