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How much money can you spend on gaming?

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There are thousands of games out there in the world of gaming. Gamers are enticed each month with new releases and game trailers, prompting them to spend money on this lifestyle or hobby. Some people spend hundreds to thousands of pounds on video games every year, depending on several factors such as gaming lifestyle, work, money in the bank and family. As a gamer, I have spent my fair spare of time and money on Xbox360 and PS3 game consoles, video games such as Uncharted, Halo, Call of Duty, Destiny, Bioshock, and more recently Horizon Zero Dawn (if you haven’t played this, you should), and mobile games such as Super Mario Run, Clash of Clan and Fire Emblem Heroes.

Getting started on the gaming life can cost you a huge amount of money. A brand new PS4 retails from £197.99 while a brand new XBox One S retails from £200. Some gamers have both game consoles because some video games are exclusive to each game console, e.g ‘Halo’ on Xbox and ‘The Last of Us’ on PS3 and PS4. Getting both game consoles will cost you around £400 or more. If you already have the Xbox and want to upgrade to the Xbox Scorpio, you will shell out some good money for the upgrade. You might see your money sinking into payments for memory cards, remotes, extra controllers, headsets, subscriptions and what have you. Let us not forget the handheld game consoles like Nintendo Switch or the Sony Playstation Vita, both within the price range of £150 to £300.

When one or both consoles are bought, you will start investing video games. A average game costs £30, where as AAA releases can range from £40 to £60. if you buy several games a month, this can quickly run into hundreds or thousands of pounds a year. You can end up with loads of games bought, but very few completed as work and family life can cut into gaming time, especially if you have newborns and wives that do not understand the lifestyle. The only consolation will be bragging rights for the games you have played plus the fact that you have shelves filled with games.

Gamers have also moved into online gaming on electronic devices such as mobile phones, ipads and tablets. The only advantage to this style of gaming is that some downloads are free. Mobile gaming can be very addictive because you carry your mobile device with you everywhere. Games such as Templar Battleforce and Battleship Lonewolf will have you spending money right off the bat to just to download them. Whereas games like Clash of Clan and Clash Royale will get you addicted to playing them first, then have you spending money on gems and value packs. At the end of the day, the random payments of £0.99, £9.99 and £99.99 can quickly add up to a hefty sum of money, if you are not careful.

Other form of online gaming include slot machine games where you put money into a game rather than spend money on a game. There are thousands of these games to choose from, such as Sizzling Hot, Book of Ra and Guns & Roses, most of which you can play for free, although in order to win prizes, you will have to put money into the game. The amount of money you can spend on slot machine games depends on your personality and risk adverseness and range from very little to huge amounts. There are several online slot machine websites where you can choose to play, each with their own unique games and personalities. The added advantage of playing slot machines is there is no fixed price for a game, you spend how much you put into game and there is the possibility of winning big jackpots, not just playing for fun and achievement.

Then there is PC gaming. If you are just a regular PC gamer a normal £600-800 laptop will do the job. The some hardcore PC gamers might build their PCs from scratch. Custom built PCs can range from up to £500 to £10,000 for one system depending on the quality of the graphics cards and processors you decide to invest in. The price range for a PC game goes from £30 to £40 for a new game and £10 to £15 for any used game. If you use Steam, you can also get some great deals and purchase games for as little as £1. PC gaming is said to be more expensive and console gaming, however, only gamers that have tried out both styles of gaming can really validate this statement.

At the end of the day, even if you feel you are spending too little or way to much money on this hobby/lifestyle, as long as you are living within your means and enjoying the pleasures you derive from gaming, then the cost is worth it.

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