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Gremlins, Inc. comes to the Humble Store with a -50% discount

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The acclaimed digital board game of strategy and malice arrives is now available on the HumbleStore. If you want to play Gremlins, Inc., send us an email and we’ll provide you with Steam keys for the game!

Gremlins, Inc., the digital board game of strategy and malice by Charlie Oscar, is now available on the HumbleStore. And to celebrate this launch, you can find the game with a -50% discount! The game comes to the HumbleStore with all the new cards and features that has been released for it so far, from Offline Game to Spectator Mode, crafting, item drops that you can trade in the Steam Market. If you feel like backstabbing, cheating and swindling everyone around, Gremlins, Inc. is your game!


If you’ve been hearing a strange noise coming from your watch, or your smartphone seems about to explode, don’t worry… too much. It’s just the gremlins, those little bastards that live inside all these devices: they’ve been busy as hell dressing up, decorating their clockwork town for the visitors to come and taking advantage of the ensuing chaos to steal some gold, as well as rig a couple of elections. Gremlins, Inc. is an intense strategy board game in a steampunk world of corrupt capitalist gremlins who compete for money, political power and prestige. Steal resources, extort bribes, manipulate elections, arrest other players and send them telegrams of misfortune… Unleash your inner gremlin!

Gremlins, Inc. is the result of the creative cooperation between Alexey Bokulev (creator of the acclaimed strategy game Eador: Genesis) and Sergei Klimov (ex-director of business development in companies such as Snowball Studios, Larian Studios and Daedalic Entertainment). This two industry veterans set themselves back in 2013 to found Charlie Oscar and develop this completely original franchise, a multiplayer turn-based PC game that capitalise the rich heritage of board games.

Visit the official Gremlins, Inc. website: www.GremlinsInc.com/videogame/.

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