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Indie Games at the “Deal Making Event”

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The games industry networking platform AdoptMyGame.com recently went to Game Connection held in San Francisco from February 27th to March 1st. Here’s some of the connections we had an opportunity to make!

AMG Awards Winners

The fantastic games which won our AMG Awards are really unique and have different needs.

We are proud we could create connections between those developers and new business partners thanks to our booth at Game Connection. Unfortunately I can’t write publicly with whom, that’s confidential information 😉 Now that contact is made, it is up to them to operate further discussions. We wish them all the luck they deserve!

Visit them along with other games represented at Game Connection on this page.


National or Regional Networks, Clusters, Incubators….thanks to private or public funds, delegations of several people come together to Game Connection. Some of them are really big, like the Brazilian one presenting a vibrant area. Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Costa Rica, Germany, France, Nordic countries and others, not necessarily representing one country, joined the event with fantastic people from their respective networks. It is a great opportunity for AdoptMyGame to meet with professionals who are at the heart of developers communities from all over the world.


Game Connection really allows people to sit down and talk in a quiet atmosphere. That represents a perfect moment for developers to show and pitch their projects to Publishers. That’s why so many leading Publishing companies enjoy coming there to scout projects and teams they can invest in. AdoptMyGame met with a lot of them to show that our platform is a tool they should regularly use to discover projects and connect with developers from all over the world.

Events organizers

Always in this idea of creating bridges between the reality and our online service, AdoptMyGame could meet with a lot of events organizers to confirm new partnerships. This helps attending people to retrieve exhibited games details and follow-up with developers but also helps others to get some visibility on an event they might want to join for a next edition.

Game Developers

Without them, AdoptMyGame is just an empty “adoption house” 😉 They are our heart and as always were present in big numbers at Game Connection. That was great for us to listen to their needs and get their feedback.

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