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Scalpers: Turtle & the Moonshine Gang Early Access Release

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Scalpers is an intense and action packed co-op game that let you dive into the fast paced action in a wild western alternate reality. Taking down massive bosses and overcome the die-hard challenges together with your friends online. Scalpers: Turtle & the Moonshine Gang is a new game release from the Swedish indie developer A Sweet Studio. The game is just released exclusively on the digital platform Steam.

“We wanted to make a co-op game with great boss battles, like MMOs, but without all the grinding and to add more intense action,” says one of the founders and creators, Gustav Linde

No, it´s not another Transitional fossil. As avid gamers, the creators at A Sweet Studio were enjoying the co-op genre but felt something was missing from the equation. It was in that process the idea for creating Scalpers was born. The new game takes its inspiration from a range of co-op games combined with a comic art style.

Multiplayer mayhem

Scalpers: Turtle & the Moonshine Gang centers on a group of anti-hero bounty hunters, with unique motivations, and their journey to claim bounty. Scalpers is ideally enjoyed as a multiplayer experience, but it is also perfect for providing an invigorating challenge in solo play. Set in the alternate reality of a zoomorphic version of the classic Wild West, the players will face several tough adversaries. Ranging from hordes of enraged voles to massive and epic bosses.

We hope to give the co-op audience a really hard and fun gaming experience, with a new and exciting concept instead of more zombie and alien shooters. We love shooting cute animals and blowing things up, and hopefully our audience does that as well,” Says Mattias Högvall, Art Director and co-founder at A Sweet Studio.

Hard as nails

Scalpers is an inviting and intuitive experience to the new player, but also very capable when it comes to providing an interesting challenge for all the competitive gamers out there. Enemy attacks are difficult to dodge, but always fairly telegraphed. Hard as nails, as one play tester puts it.

“This game is even harder than Dark Souls” shouts twitcher Ekveel during an intense battle in scalpers.

“Addictive, fast, gunplay and panic.”  Indie Games magazine Greece IGMG.gr

“..I would say it is worth the purchase on its own, but if you like Castle Crashers and games where co-op is heavily encouraged, and you have a group of four willing to play, then it goes from a decent shooter, to a must have.”  Kitsuga.com

Mix it up!

In order to beat the challenge at hand the players are compelled to mix and match their arsenal in a way that suits the needs of the team. The players complete objectives and defeat bosses, all with their own unique strength and weaknesses; they then gain bounty in form of new upgrades that will aid them further in the struggles ahead.

Releasing on Steam

The game was released as early access on Steam 2017.03.30

A Sweet Studio sees the community feedback as a crucial step in the development process to make Scalpers the ultimate co-op experience and will therefore release in Early access with the special discounted early access price of 9,99 $.

“Community interaction provides us with a valuable way of gaining new insights and feedback from our players during early access, and a way to get closer to them” says Carolina Zetterman, CEO

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