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Watch 65daysofstatic Perform 3 Tracks Live From The No Man’s Sky Soundtrack

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Laced Records, Hello Games and UK instrumental band 65daysofstatic today unveil the first live video recording of 3 tracks from the No Man’s Sky soundtrack. The live video was recorded at 2fly Studios in the band’s native city, Sheffield and includes live performances of Red Parallax, Monolith and Asimov.

Watch the live video here: https://vimeo.com/183383325/11899ba9c0

“This session was one of the first attempts at rethinking how to approach performing music that was written to be non-linear and lend itself to generative, infinite soundscapes rather than fixed compositions,” notes 65daysofstatic’s Paul Wolinski. “We ultimately took different versions of these songs on tour. In the context of a usual 65 show it made more sense then to lock them into more predictable arrangements. However, we are in a studio environment in this video. Everything wired up to play just these specific songs. This provided an opportunity to create a system where every performance of a track would be unique.”

The first song is ‘live coded’ using open source software TidalCycles. Code is typed, executed and instantly transformed into musical patterns. These are fed out to modular synths and hacked electronic magnets. The magnets rest on guitar strings, making them resonate. Each subsequent song smashes more live instruments back into the mix.

These songs will never be performed this way again.

In conjunction with the video Laced Records are offering a 15% sale on the vinyl and CD versions of the soundtrack exclusively via their store:

US: http://www.lacedrecords.com

ROW: http://www.lacedrecords.co

The soundtrack is available on deluxe double CD, 10 track double vinyl and a deluxe vinyl collector’s edition featuring all 16 tracks spread across 4 LPs in a hard-case sleeve.

Following the launch of No Man’s Sky in August 2016, Hello Games have released two major updates for the game: Foundation and Path Finder.

Foundation website: https://www.nomanssky.com/foundation-update/

Path Finder website: https://www.nomanssky.com/pathfinder-update/

The Foundation Update introduced a number of important new features including Base Building, galactic Freighters, new resources, farming, new game modes and more.

The Path Finder Update continued to introduce exciting new content while also building on the ground-work laid in Foundation. Additions include base sharing functionality, new planetary vehicles, a host of visual improvements, PS4 Pro support, a new photo mode, updates to ship and weapon class systems and much more.

Both updates are available, for free, to owners of No Man’s Sky on both PC and PS4

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