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  • New book for kids from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS featuring the biggest names in pop-culture
  • Includes: Harry Potter (Most likes for a fictional character), Marvel’s The Avengers (Highest-grossing superhero movie), Selena Gomez (Most popular Instagrammer), Pokémon, Emojis, Minecraft, Zootopia, Angry Birds and loads more!
  • Four fun record-breaking challenges kids can try at home
  • Exclusive photos of brand new records including the Largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia!
  • Available in stores March 2017

London (January 2017) – GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS (GWR), the global authority on record-breaking achievement, is publishing a book for young readers titled GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2017: Blockbusters!. Filled with the latest and coolest records from kid-favourite brands and personalities across music, film, technology, toys, social media and beyond, Blockbusters! will be available in-stores and online March 2017.

Blockbusters! not only provides the record-breaking low-down on the top trends and personalities in pop-culture, but it also adds an educational and entertaining twist completely unique to Guinness World Records. For instance, readers can learn about the real-life records behind their favourite fictional stories, including the world’s largest ocean creatures which served as inspiration for the characters in Finding Dory! Jam-packed with exciting Top 10 features, stunning statistics, trivia, quizzes, and celebrity Q&As, Blockbusters! is sure to be a smash hit amongst girls and boys alike.

Highlights of Blockbusters! include:

SIX Chapters surrounding kid favourite activities, including all new fascinating features and spreads:

  • Watch: Learn more about box office blockbusters such as Kung Fu Panda, Jungle Book, X-Men, Ice Age and much more
  • Browse: Explore record-breaking vloggers, memes, and impressive social media feats from the digital world
  • Read: Delve into records from fan-favourites including Dr. Seuss, the Divergent series, Harry Potter and comic books
  • Play: Examine amazing records relating to popular toys, from LEGO® and K’NEX to robots and drones
  • Go: Check out jaw-dropping roller coasters, impressive circus performances, and attendance feats at sporting events in this section full of records involving outdoor activities and attractions
  • Consume: Drool over records featuring delicious food, drinks, and candies

BECOME A RECORD BREAKER! How fast can you stack LEGO® bricks? How many stuffed animals can you catch blindfolded? Become the record breaker of the house, and potentially the world, by attempting the record-breaking challenges exclusively featured in the pages of Blockbusters!. Readers are invited to try their hand at four all new and easy-to-attempt records using common household items, which include:

  • Fastest time to match 20 emoji pairs
  • Most soft toys caught blindfolded in one minute (team of two)
  • Fastest time to stack 20 LEGO® bricks in a right-angle tower
  • Most underwear pulled on in one minute (team of two)

Jaw-Dropping Photographs: Exclusive to 2017 Blockbusters!, three record-breaking personalities are supported by fantastic new photos. Records include Largest Nerf gun (1.82 m (6 ft) long), Largest collection of Superman memorabilia (1,518 individual items) and Largest collection of Doctor Who related memorabilia (6,641 items).

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: “We’re thrilled to be launching a brand new records book that puts an exciting new spin on record-breaking. Blockbusters! focuses on the trending topics that most appeal to our young readers – movies, TV shows, music, games, blogs, vlogs, and so on – and features all of their favourite characters, pop stars, actors, YouTubers and tech heroes. Readers can also take record-breaking to the next level and attempt some of the four challenges included in the book – a unique chance to not just read about record-breakers but also to become a record breaker!”

A must-have for any book collection, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2017: Blockbusters! is available March 22nd RRP £9.99.

For more information on the records featured in Blockbusters!, as well as access to exclusive content, games, quizzes and tutorials on the record-challenges to try at home, visit our KIDS website at http://kids.guinnessworldrecords.com/.

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