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Fractured Space Activates Action Stations with Phase 3 Update, New Player Events

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Team-Based Space Combat Game Boosts Action Side of Strategic Gameplay with Less Flying, More Fighting—and More Ways for Players to Reap Rewards

Edge Case Games, developers of the award-winning team-based space combat game with over one million players, Fractured Space, today revealed the game’s Phase 3 updates that boost action and game speed have gone live and can be downloaded for free. The new update features a tighter Conquest 2.0 game map to encourage more direct confrontation, makes resource mining more impactful with new drone ships that can be shot down to reduce enemy resources, provides more help for new players with audio Base Commander tips, gets players back into the action faster with shorter respawn rates and much more. The updated gameplay can be seen in today’s new Phase 3 trailer, released in conjunction with the game’s Steam promotion running over the weekend.

Fractured Space pits two teams of five giant capital ships against each other in matches that highlight teamwork and strategy with MOBA-style lanes as players work together to destroy the enemy’s team base. While the free-to-play game continues to emphasize strategy, the new action-oriented changes take into account player feedback for “less flying around and more fighting!” As such, closer quarters maps for the game’s three-lane Conquest mode bring ships nearer the action at all times—without reducing the importance of team tactics or the ability to defend team bases.

The team’s commitment to player satisfaction go beyond core game changes. Edge Case’s live operations focus also provides new player events and rewards on a weekly basis, including 30 day rewards. Next up, starting on April 13th, is a “Credits Rampage” where if the player community earns 100 million credits, all contributors will be awarded a unique Pioneer skin, with a unique Colossus skin arriving if players hit 200 million credits. Other recent events include the Unique Fleets Tournament that began March 25th on Razer Arena, log-in rewards with Legendary Captain Jingles, based on YouTube personality Jingles, and Super Space Bowl XLXX, which pitted US player vs. the rest of the world with free crew pods on the line.

Other updates include the ability to fly any ship in solo vs. AI mode for more comprehensive, free battle testing before purchase, tougher and more strategic AI captains for bot play, a crew level up system for more comprehensive ship customization and other improvements. Complete update details can be found in the Phase 3 update patch notes.

Edge Case Games will keep adding new features to the game under its Open Development model that prioritizes player feedback and shares upcoming plans for comments before they are implemented The battle to dominate space continues—jump in and help your team to fight to victory!

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