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Permaband, CCP Games’ In-House Band, Makes Rock Band 4 Debut with Free Songs this Summer!

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Harmonix Helps CCP Games Celebrate 20th Birthday with Face-Melting Gift to Fans

CCP Games today announced that they have teamed up with Harmonix to bring several songs from their in-house band, Permaband, for free to Rock Band 4 to celebrate the company’s 20th birthday.  CCP was founded on June X, 1997.

The songs, which will be available for free download for all owners of Rock Band 4 on both Xbox One and PlayStation®4  this summer, include Permaband fan favorites like “Killing is Just a Means” and “Wrecking Machine.”

Permaband was founded in 2009 by CCP employees CCP ArnarV, CCP Guard, CCP Nova and CCP Arkanon, and their songs, videos, and live performances have become a staple of EVE Online fan events like Fanfest and EVE Vegas.  The multi-talented group has released 5 genre-spanning songs over the years. All of the band’s songs can be downloaded from http://www.soundcloud.com/ccpgames.

The current Permaband lineup includes the following CCP employees:

  • Sveinn “CCP Guard” Kjarval – Lead Community Developer – Vocals/Keytar
  • Arnar “CCP ArnarV” Valdimarsson – Senior Video Producer – Drums
  • Sveinbjörn “CCP Hunter” Hafsteinsson – Senior Virtual World Database Admin – Vocals
  • Hinrik “CCP Nova” Haraldsson – Video Producer – Bass/Vocals
  • Einar “CCP Grimmi” S. Hreiðarsson – Security Analyst – Rhythm Guitar
  • Bergþór “CCP Strat” Smári – Software Engineer – Lead Guitar
  • Hafdís “CCP Atomic” Hreiðarsdóttir – Associate Producer – Vocals
  • Ólafur “CCP Hotpants” Á. Haraldsson – Cinematic Director – Keyboard/Bass
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