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Thwart the French Revolution with this new take on casual gameplay.

The newest 2D adventure puzzle game on the App Store and Google Play

Vive le Roi (Save the King), is the newest game by publisher Meridian4 and game developer Sylvain Seccia. The 2D adventure puzzle game features twilight scenes, linear movement and point-click movements.

Created for the casual gamer who loves puzzles and adventure,Vive le Roi takes place during the French Revolution. Your mission is to save King Louis XVI of France from execution and thwart the elite’s plans to get richer and rule the country in his place. True to the nature of “adventure gaming”, you explore the game world, solving a myriad of intricate puzzles, using stealth to avoid guards and tricking them by opening gates, moving objects and more.

With 30 challenging levels, Vive le Roi encourages players to complete each puzzle with the minimum amount of moves – keeping things interesting and upping the challenge with each level.

Solve puzzles and save King Louis XVI of France from the revolutionaries. You are the last hope. Can you alter the country’s destiny?

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