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Today, Square Enix® announced that the FINAL FANTASY® Trading Card Game Opus series has sold 3.5 million packs worldwide.

The FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game (“FFTCG“) released its first wave, “Opus I,” on October 28, 2016 and, with the release today in the North America region of the second wave, “Opus II,” worldwide sales will reach 3.5 million packs. The third wave, “Opus III,” is scheduled to release in July 2017 and worldwide sales are expected to grow even further.

The FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game Opus Series is based on the previously released “Chapter” series, which began with the release of “Chapter I” in Japan on February 25, 2011, continuing for fifteen chapters until March 2015.

This new edition features improved game balance and card design as well as the addition of new illustrations from recent FINAL FANTASY titles, as well as localization into six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

The game has been distributed in regions around the globe and highly praised across Europe, North America, Oceania, and Japan. Events around the world, including regional and national championships, are currently being planned. These tournaments will culminate with the best players from each region gathering for a world championship, which is expected to be held in November 2017 at the Square Enix Headquarters in Tokyo.

Official website: https://www.fftradingcardgame.com/na

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