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Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy Systems Update Revealed!

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NISAmerica are happy to announce part one of two of the newest systems update on the Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy website! In part one, the site introduces you to the Game Concept, Battle System, and Strengthening.

Game Concept

You begin as a normal student at Hinowa Academy until you were selected to join the special forces unit called the Xth Squad. Tokyo at this point is in shambles and the Rampaging Variants are attacking innocent civilians in the city labyrinth. It’s up to you to stop them!

New additions to Operation Babel include a finely tuned difficulty curve and the new “Cross Blood System.”

Battle System

Check out the various battle systems you encounter below!

Unity Skills

Unity Skills are special skills that can be unleashed when all team members cooperate. There are three types of Unity Skills: BRAVE, MAGIC, and ACADEMY. Time your Unity Skills correctly to maximize their impact!

XTND Skills/Spells

A brand-new feature added on Operation Babel, which further empowers skills and spells by allowing players to equip them with special items. Regardless of a team member’s Blood Code, the equipped item can use these abilities given by these special items.

The Rise & Drop System

Just like in Operation Abyss, the more battles you survive, the more dangerous the labyrinth becomes. With the Rise & Drop system, players have a good understanding that incoming danger also means potential rewards.


Healing, curing, and leveling up: If your party is in danger, you always have the option to retreat and use the Medical Lab to heal and cure your team. You’ll also earn EXP in battle which you can use to level up your Blood Codes, which will unlock new skills and spells.Creating stronger items: Among the items that the enemy drops after a fight, you’ll sometimes find junk weapons and materials. Once you identify these items, they’ll become Codes, which you can then use to create stronger weapons or items. With this system you can fully strengthen all of your favorite weapons.

For more information head to the official website and the official Steam® page here.

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