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Director of Assassins Creed and Far Cry Leaves Ubisoft

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After 7 years creative director Alex Hutchinson has left Ubisoft to continue with a small co-founded studio in Typhoon Studios. Alex Hutchinson is the man responsible for two of Ubisoft’s most influential open-world games in Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, two games that paved a way for a number of open world games in today’s generation that have often cited as these two games as influences.

Following the announcement Alex later stated that his new studio has no immediate plans for projects but more will be announced once they get the studio up and running. For many fans across the industry this may come as a negative but for me its a fantastic opportunity for one of the industries influential directors to spread his wings without being limited by a corporate giant in Ubisoft. Small studios have been known to create games with a ton of heart as many of today’s AAA games are famously known the be created on an industry line with hundreds of animators and programmers rather than a group that add their own personalisations. We here at Invision wish nothing but good fortune to Alex in the future.

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