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Lego Worlds Review

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There will come a point in the near future where there is a Lego game of every popular movie or TV show, that will allow you to run around and collect lots of items and play as all manner of characters from that series. So it seems to of gotten to a point where no movies have come out that Lego wants to put its name too, so instead of making something amazing like Lego: Aliens, they instead made Lego worlds, an interesting title that is clearly targeting a block building audience.

Gameplay in Lego world, its what you have played at least 20 times before in any Lego games, you run around and beat the crap out of any object you can find, and harvest all of the little studs for your collection. The only difference here is that instead of following along a story from an already created game, instead you are a space man or woman who has crash landed on a planet of Lego, and your goal is to repair your ship to fly again. To do this you need the rare golden blocks which can be found from different people on each planet. Now this is where the game gets a little boring, each person on each planet has a particular quest, just enough to complete the repair on your ship or move to the next world. Problem is the quests are pretty samey or boring, find X and build it for me, or scan Y and recreate it at Z, most of the missions fall under these categories and to be honest it feels far to samey after the 2nd planet, and It got very boring, I found myself pushing myself forward to continue playing the game.

You do have a set of tools to help you out through the game, from the scan gun which will help you complete 70% of every quest, where you can scan a item, pay a small fee and them build them infinitely from there on, You have the items that let you craft the world, and build it to somewhat of your own ideas.

This gameplay is great, but it gets boring VERY quickly and really if you do not like the building aspect of games these days, but like the story in the Lego games, this is not a game for you. The game feels very grindy after a certain point, with quests feeling more randomly generated with a bad algorithm than anything actually crafted to let the player enjoy the game.

Each world is also pretty small, where you can walk around the circumference pretty quickly, there isn’t really anything to explore, and if they are going for the Minecraft feel, the part that made that game fun was feeling small when you found a gaping cave or cave to go exploring into. The entire time I was playing Lego I felt large, and the world far to small for me to even bother exploring.

Graphically the game looks like a Lego game, I mean you have long view distances, very little slowdown and some nice looking effects in the game, but really it’s a Lego game and honestly I’ve never really played a Lego game where I thought it needed to look better. Most blocks have little in the terms of textures so they all look great and… I mean it looks great, but there isn’t much else a Lego game CAN do to look better outside of throwing massive amounts of blocks at the user.

However, there are some nice touches here and there, the little effect you get around your character as you free fall through the sky, and the glowing blocks where there is lava or fire all looks nice. This is a game that will probably run on anything, and as it is clearly aiming to the Minecraft audience it’s a good idea that it runs on anything.

Lego Worlds is a game that really a lot of people probably won’t like, the gameplay is solid and if you liked the gameplay of previous titles you will end up liking it here too. However without the core story that all of the other games have, the game feels empty and pretty boring. You have many little quests to complete that seem to be randomly generated, but it doesn’t feel as fun as it could be, it doesn’t feel like I’m part of a story that has been lovingly created in Lego form, as I destroy the entire world. This game lacks that, and honestly this game really needs it, but as it stands the game is okay, and it’s fun for an amount of time, but leaves me wishing for an actual crafted story, 6/10, maybe the game will be better, maybe DLC that brings into random other characters into the game hopefully.

Lego Worlds was reviewed on the steam platform for PC,the game is also available on Xbox One and PS4

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