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Take Off – The Flight Simulator – Supersonic DLC

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Break the sound barrier with the new Supersonic DLC

After conquering the skies in air race planes, military jets, as well as water and transport vessels ambitious pilots can now take control of an ultrafast supersonic aircraft and break the sound barrier in Take Off – The Flight Simulator.

The handling of such a swift airplane traveling at times at supersonic speed requires naturally a certain experience in the virtual cockpit. This vessel will challenge the skills of its pilot continuously – not only during take-off and landing but also in heavy weather conditions and on other occasions. Master the controls of this very special aircraft and take your passengers to their destinations in no time at all! The Supersonic DLC for Take Off – The Flight Simulator is available now for iPhone® and iPad® as well as smartphones and tablets using the Android™ operating system.

Get a first impression of the new supersonic aircraft in the feature trailer:

More information about Take Off – The Flight Simulator as well as all available DLCs can also be found on Facebook:


or on the official homepage:


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