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Four Lucky Fighters Are Getting DLC Costumes in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV

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Angel, Sylvie, Meitenkun, and Kula are getting a wardrobe upgrade in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV, because they have DLC costumes that are available now! It’s important to look good while pummeling faces, and Angel’s Diabla, Sylvie’s Little Red Riding Hood, Meitenkun’s Pajamas, and Kula’s Sundress outfits sure do the trick. Download the costumes now for $2.99 each!

Check out their fresh duds as they bring the pain in the new trailer below!

ICYMI, check out the DLC characters below! They’re available now and each priced at $5.99 or can be purchased in a bundle for $19.99. Learn about the new kids on the block below!

First off, we’ve got the whip wielding… Whip who made her first appearance in The King of Fighters ’99. She’s an extremely dangerous fighter whose skill in the whipping arts is second to none.

The next character that’s itching to crack some skulls in KOF XIV is the certifiably insane Ryuji Yamazaki! Ryuji made his first appearance in the series in The King of Fighters ’97, and he’s back to laugh hysterically as he pounds opponents into a pulp. This guy is so unhinged, he even uses a fish as a weapon! No, you did not read that wrong.

The penultimate DLC character we revealed is none other than the hard-hitting brawler Vanessa! She made her first appearance in The King of Fighters ’99 Evolution, but she’s ready to slam her fists into some faces in KOF XIV.

The last character that’s entering the tournament is Rock Howard! First seen as the main character from GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES, Rock is the estranged son of Geese Howard who was raised by Terry Bogard. His fighting style is a unique mix of both Terry and Geese which shows when he unleashes their iconic moves.

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