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Starpoint Gemini WARLORDS setting the FINAL RELEASE DATE

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Our biggest community driven project Starpoint Gemini Warlords is today entering a Beta stage of development, with all the main features being implemented, leaving only main storyline and pumped up planetary landings locked till the final release date which is due 23rd of May this year.

We’re happy to announce this great milestone on behalf of both our little team and our great community which was developing this game with us day by day, sometimes slapping us around for releasing a bug here and there, sometimes discussing future gameplay solutions during our countless nightshifts keeping us awake in the process.

Warlords has reached a completely new level of playing experience, where a player is a supreme commander and leads a faction, researches and builds structures and fleets, conquers and manages regions, only NOT FROM THE GODLY ABOVE, but from the front lines where the immediate action is. After all, when you amass an assault force, the best view is from the front row when carnage takes place.

To recap, Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a capital ship space action RPG pumped with 4X elements that puts you in a role of Alpha and Omega of your faction’s future. It is entering Beta as of today with the following main features added to this update:

  • Do a little somethin’ on the side – Some factions now offer side quests if you’re on good terms with them. Completing these quests bring their own hefty rewards
  • Skills and classes overhauled, per community request – All the skills are now unlocked and ready to be used. You can choose 4 out of 12 available active skills whenever you reset them
  • Target lock redesigned, as requested by the community – Per community request, we’ve redesigned the target lock. Info on the current target is now visible on the HUD all the time and additional details are available with the Tactical Appraisal perk
  • Music to my ears – The completely new soundtrack, made specifically for Warlords is now finally in
  • Magellan is my middle name – The exploration segment is redesigned to create more “goal and reward” oriented mechanics which integrates the already existing relay satellites in the game
  • Raiding glory! – Additional gameplay mechanics implemented to allow meaningful raiding of structures
  • Conquest rewarding to the max – Capturing stations and planets yields extra rewards. One of which is the ability to construct ships in multiple locations… as the community requested
  • Plenty o’ fixes and tweaks – Can’t have an update without those

For the complete changelog of the Beta update for Starpoint Gemini Warlords, please visit the official Steam announcement:


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