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Castle Builder II: A New Generation of Online Games of Chance

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There are a few key elements that make online games of chance successful. Among them, you’ll find their pronouncedly casual nature, their simplicity, and their fast pace. The slot machines and table games of both the minimum deposit casinos and the high-profile venues share these basic traits, keeping their attractiveness for a global audience. Yet the audience is changing – people are getting used to playing smartphone games that are also simple and fast-paced but have elements like experience points and progression that make them not only attractive but almost addictive. To keep up, games of chance need to adapt. And the first game to successfully do just that is Castle Builder II, created by Austrian developer Rabcat.

The best of two worlds

Social casino games offer their players the thrill and excitement of games of chance and the progression usual in social games but no chance to win real money. Online casino games, in turn, are the exact opposite: they do involve real money but they lack the elements of social games that glue people to the screen for hours. Castle Builder II takes the best of both worlds and combines them in a way that makes it unique. It’s the first online casino game that gives players the real money wins they crave and the elements of social games that makes them captivating.

Castles and kingdoms

In a usual slot machine, the players’ goal is to spin the reels and gather as many coins as possible. This changes in Castle Builder II – here, the slot machine is just a means to complete the ultimate goal of the game: build all castles. When starting the game, players will get to choose one of the two builder profiles (and a third one can be unlocked later in the game). Each profile comes with a set of benefits: Sam, the experienced builder, will complete the projects faster, while Mandy, the young and enthusiastic one, will have benefits like free spins added to the mix. After choosing the profile, players will proceed to the map, choose a kingdom to complete, and start building the first castle.

After finishing all castles in a kingdom, players will unlock the next one. In the meantime, they gather experience points that will unlock further benefits and complete achievements which also come with bonuses.

Bigger and better

During Castle Builder II, players can proceed through a total of 15 kingdoms (45 if we count that they can be completed with three builder profiles), build 75 castles, and interact with over 300 characters – kings, the kings’ offspring, and the suitors. The game goes live through Microgaming’s global network in the second quarter of 2017.

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