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Giant monster simulator MIGHTY MONSTER MAYHEM launches today on Steam VR/HTC Vive

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Rank17’s kaiju-inspired MIGHTY MONSTER MAYHEM is now available for Steam VR / HTC Vive. Choose from five unique behemoths and stomp your way around town grabbing (and eating) unsuspecting pedestrians, climbing buildings, throwing firetrucks and assorted vehicles, juggling trees… Anything goes when you’re a monster on a mission 🙂


Once renowned for your research in cryptozoology and mutations, you were ridiculed and banished from the scientific community when you became obsessed with trying to prove the existence of monsters. After recombining cryptid DNA, you found a way to bolster the human immune system and increase strength. However, your research was deemed fraudulent – and the local Cryptozoological Research & Progenation chapter has cut your funding. In a last-ditch effort to validate your work, you’ve decided to give the scientific community a live demonstration by drinking one of your molecular mutation liquids and transforming into a legendary monster …


Choose to blend your DNA with one of five different creatures including Cthulhu Carl, Ronald the Rock, Ian Insectoid, Toni the Oni, or Gorzilla (a.k.a., “Todd” – who doesn’t like labels) and start wreaking havoc across town. Use the HTC Vive’s motion controllers to tear down skyscrapers, munch on pedestrians, and monster-punch everything you see. Need to reach a new vantage point or hit a target that’s just out of reach? No problem: Use the motion controllers to climb tall buildings and throw objects like the good monster you are.

Play through the single-player campaign and make 9 cities crumble at your feet. Rampaging alone is fun – but reducing everything to rubble with friends is even better. Unleash your fury online as you battle with (or against) your friends … and lay waste to the human world!


Steve Iverson (Studio Head, Rank17):

“Everyone we know has been obsessed with monster movies at some point in their lives. What if we could make the player the monster – and do so in VR, no less? That initial seed thrilled everyone at the office. In fact, we couldn’t think of anything else! But we wanted to go one step further: When you’re playing Mighty Monster Mayhem, you truly become the monster – working with or against up to 3 other players who are also monsters, and being able to destroy virtually every object in the game.”


  • Tear down entire cities building by building.
  • Challenge or join your friends in multiplayer destruction.
  • Obliterate cities in single-player mode.
  • Choose your monster: Cthulhu Carl, Ronald the Rock, Ian Insectoid, Toni the Oni or Gorzilla (a.k.a., “Todd”).
  • Climb buildings, throw objects, and monster-punch things!
  • Wreck everything in sight, earn a high score, and climb tall buildings (along with the leaderboards).


Mighty Monster Mayhem is now available on Steam VR / HTC Vive at $8.99 – 40% off the game’s retail price. The sale will end a week after launch (April 27).

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