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Mobile VR Action-puzzle game Flocklore out now for Samsung Gear VR

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Guide the flock past wolves and obstacles in Mindfield Games’ action-puzzle game out now for Samsung Gear VR  

Independent studio Mindfield Games today launched Flocklore, a new mobile virtual reality action-puzzle game designed exclusively for mobile virtual reality platforms, is now available for Samsung Gear VR with the optional hand controller support and in the coming weeks for Google Daydream View. In Flocklore, you must shepherd a flock of bewildered sheep across over thirty planets to control earth, wind, and fire, as you guide the flock past wolves, gorges and other nefarious obstacles to safety. Activate shrines to melt the ice beneath wolves, chase them into lava flows, or hurl your sheep to safety.

“After releasing our first-person exploration game, P·O·L·L·E·N, the studio wanted to focus on a more casual, light-hearted experience that builds on the strength of mobile VR”, said Jaakko Kemppainen, Lead Designer at Mindfield Games. “Heavily inspired by classics including Lemmings and Pikmin, in Flocklore players guide a herd of fluffy and clueless sheep to safety and onward to the next planets.”

Featuring over fourty levels that tell the folk lore of the flock, from the creation of the universe to the great migration across the planets in search of The Great World Mushroom. Each level is filled with a variety of hazards, environmental obstacles, and puzzles that will allow players to discover more about the flock’s journey and history. Flocklore is now available for Samsung Gear VR and in the coming weeks for Google Daydream View priced at 2.99€.

For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/flocklore

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